TV news tonight has told how stunned Dunc was when he was given the flick. I haven't heard who will replace him, but let's at least hope that they are interested in cycling safety, not harassment of cyclists.

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Yes, but no by election needed, MLCs vacancies filled by appointment.

Said in the paper it would need a joint sitting of both houses to appoint a replacement, but I guess that would still be a Nat or Lib.

Dunc's probably keen to retire, buy a flash bike (with a bell), don all the lycra he can find and hit the open road of cycling redemption:)

Maybe they got rid of Dunc because he was showing revisionist signs. He did back down on ID and also must have approved the $ for the Syd Harb steps.

Anyone who is called Pavey must be a little suspect, hope she doesn't have links to "paving the Planet" Leightons etc.

What I read was that rider ID policy would have been unworkable. And harbour bridge lifts for peds  only came though because of threats to take action (for disabled) in international courts. Bike ramp was an adjunct to this. So he did as little as posilble for as long as he could.


Men at Work if they're still alive, should write a song about Pavey. Everyone knows the tune, sing along.

She comes from Northern New South Wales

Rides 126 klicks a day and spits

Unfortunately she is a National

Those two faced sycophants give me the  .... ...... ..... ......irrates.


There's a thoughtful letter in the S M Herald of 31.1.17 from Chris Standen (Transport, Sydney Uni) bemoaning the fact that we now have "THREE transport ministers, all with competing objectives".

And the Minister for Westconnex is also the member for Penriff ... so I can't see much being done to stop it.


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