Duncan Gay may be gone, but Deputy Mayor Kerryn Phelps is still here!

Australia really does get lumbered with politicians that are a special kind of stupid. Text copied from yesterday's Daily Terrorgraph article, so you don't have to go there.

Deputy mayor Kerryn Phelps wants tests, license, rego for city cyclists despite Clover’s opposition

Heather McNab, CENtRAL
February 14, 2017 1:54pm

Deputy mayor Kerryn Phelps will champion the introduction of compulsory licences and registration for cyclists despite the opposition of her boss — Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Details of Cr Phelps’ scheme, revealed exclusively to Central Sydney, would require all cyclists to sit a compulsory test, carry a licence and have insurance.

“People don’t know what the rules are a lot of the time because they don’t have to pass any test to get on a bike — and this means there are no consequences,” Cr Phelps said.

The NSW Government abandoned a similar plan, which had been opposed by the Lord Mayor, as recently as December 2016.

Kerryn Phelps insists cyclists need ro be more accountable. Picture: Danny Aarons
When contacted by Central this week, Cr Moore reiterated her personal steadfast opposition and the position of the council.

“Making bike riders do an exam and forcing them to carry ID risks discouraging riding,” she said.

“I want to encourage people to get on a bike, not put more red tape in their way. All Australian states have ruled out bike registration and licencing because it would reduce the number of people riding.”

Clover Moore said licences mean more “red tape”. Picture: Carly Earl
Cycling body Bicycle NSW, which is also opposed to plans that force cyclists to carry ID, has expressed concern about the falling number of cyclists in the city.

It blamed police crackdowns on cyclists and the removal or delay of bike paths as reasons for cycle numbers returning to 2014 levels.

On Monday a targeted police operation handed tickets to 95 cyclists who breached road rules — with offences including not wearing helmets, riding on footpaths and disobeying traffic controls.

Police undertaking Operation Pedro at Pyrmont to crackdown on irresponsible cycling behaviour.
“We have to find a way of everyone knowing under what rules they are operating and having some way to enforce these,” Cr Phelps said. “(At the moment) cyclists are the only road users who don’t have to pass some sort of test.”

Cr Phelps said she was yet to hear an argument against the scheme that would outweigh the benefits.

“There are civil libertarians who say ‘poor cyclists, why do they have to pay a fee like cars’ — but they are vehicles who use the road and I think that if we expect drivers of buses, trucks and cars to have registration and to carry ID and in terms of incidents of recklessness, I just don’t see the logic (of the argument),” she said.

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Ignoring the stupidity of this stance for now - what on earth is a councillor doing wasting the ratepayer's money and time on a State (or federal) issue?

Pull your head in Ms Phelps and get on with the job you are employed to do.

Typical meddling doctor.

This is what makes me think she is being disingenuous. She surely knows the council has no power here, and so is just raising this issue to score points among the moron element.

unfortunately, there is a large proportion of motorists that fall into the category of "moron element". These are exactly the people that will be swerving towards us, yelling abuse at us, blasting their horns at us, throwing stuff at us, and generally trying to get us to sit in a car in front of them (as if that would make their life better).

BNSW have given their response.

Perhaps a bit more gently than I would like, but a recalibration nonetheless.

I wonder if Dr Phelps has read 'The Master and His Emissary' by Iain McGilchrist.

She definitely appears to be a left brain hemisphere thinker. A person who embraces 'Popularism'. Left brain thinkers, only knows what they already know. They're not lateral thinkers. Not able to see the bigger picture.

Has Dr Phelps proposed putting on more trains and buses? Finding more parking spaces or considered what the roads could be liked with increased traffic? Or dealing with the increased frustration of drivers dealing with heavier traffic. I doubt that she has thought that far ahead.

I'd like to recommend that she reads McGilchrist's work and not just the hate mail targeted againts cyclists... that she most likely receives as emails.


Yeah with a modal share of approximately four fifths of five eighths of sweet f all bicycles are obviously the problem. Are these fools also members of the flat earth society?

No real loss to the team but it is a pity Dr Phelps' ego causes distraction and weakens the efforts of Clover and other team members


Cr Moore said that she had committed to rotating the position of Deputy Lord Mayor among her independent team. "But as this moment neared, that became a point of tension," she said of Cr Phelps.

"What is not surprising is that this line of accusation and her resignation [from the Clover team] came just a week after I told her that I would not be supporting her bid to remain Deputy Lord Mayor," Cr Moore said in a statement.

"I've been unhappy with her lack of understanding and support of City policies and our vision that we took to the community last election, as well as her non-attendance of important community and City events – it is fair to say we're not on the same page when it comes to how to serve the community," she said.

Good riddance !

Cr Phelps rejected Cr Moore's characterisation of her decision to quit as "disingenuous." She said she'd known from September she did not have the lord mayor's support to remain her deputy and had "carried on regardless and performed my duties."

Her resignation, she said, had been "a long time coming". It was the culmination of issues mounting "over some months".

"I really have not been free to speak on issues that are important to me and life has been made unpleasant for me when I did," she said.

She pointed to the issue of registration for cyclists, which she endorsed in February, as having placed her at odds with Cr Moore who strongly opposed the idea.

"That was a pretty unpleasant time," Cr Phelps said.

"That was a pretty unpleasant time," Cr Phelps said.

She should try cycling on Sydney streets. I have a licence and know the rules but my 6.5kg (well perhaps 8ish) bicycle doesn't seem to get treated as a vehicle by others with licences (I assume)  and a tonne of extra weight in their vehicle.

You don't have to be a Dr to work it out.


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