And you thought your post-holiday commute was bad.

Thousands of Chinese holidaymakers, returning home from a week-long break, have found themselves stuck in a seemingly endless traffic jam - spanning the entire width of a 50-lane expressway.

The snarl-up's been dubbed "Carmageddon".

The drivers are among an estimated 750 million people - half of China's population - who headed away for the week-long National Day festival, which marks the founding of the Chinese republic.

But they had little to celebrate on their return home, when they encountered the extraordinary gridlock on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.

It was caused by motorists queuing at a toll booth, where the 2272-kilometre highway tapers into just 20 lanes - causing a huge bottleneck, and a massive headache for those trying to get home.

And the China Daily newspaper reports this is just the beginning of the gridlock, with more vacationers returning home over the coming days.

It puts a 28-kilometre New South Wales traffic jam in January to shame.

But the latest congestion pales in comparison to a 100-kilometre traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet highway in 2011, which took 12 days to clear, with some vehicles reportedly only moving a single kilometre on one day in traffic.

That's one really long game of I Spy.

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*OK Duncan didn't actually say 51.... he'll probably say 52

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tapers into just 20 lanes

Said without a hint of sarcasm.

When I was working in Bangkok about 15 years ago, one of the best bits of advice that I got was never let a chance go by for a toilet stop before taking a car trip in the city.  I'd hate to think of the problems that the above would create!

serves them right!

Why isn't Australia exporting it's fantastic (I hear) E-tag technology?

Which would only move the traffic problem further down the road.

Is that the main Hong Kong to Beijing cycle route I can see on one side?

The train service is quite good

When they don't crash - still getting the human skill base up the the physical capital (technology) they imported/developed (stole) for their high speed trains.


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