And they wonder why we we have zero respect for out "leaders"

Mr Gay quit politics at the end of July after being dumped from cabinet in a January reshuffle

After 29 years in the Legislative Council he is entitled to a lifetime, taxpayer funded pension of more than $100,000 a year.

The former Nationals minister has joined the advisory board of MU Group, which bids for [and has received] NSW government transport contracts

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The rationale for those big pensions is to reduce corruption. In theory they allow ex-politicians to act fearlessly in office without worrying about cruelling their chances of a post-politics job, as they won't need a post-politics job

It doesn't seem to be working.

Setting aside his unique lack of qualifications for the role, what action can be taken to get the super/pension politician entitlement down to 9.5% in line with peasants like us?

It would make for a popular petition but I am guessing the debate in parliament would be over in minutes with a predictable outcome.


Setting aside his unique lack of qualifications for the role

He was Roads Minister for how many years? If I'm MU Group bidding on Govt. projects, then that's experience and connections that I'd want working for me.

Not what you know but who you know eh?

Didn't Martin Luther King have a dream that people should not be judged by "...who they know but by the content of their character..." (sort of quote)

For decades we have been told that if we want quality politicians then we have to pay them adequately, I note that with allowances our state and federal pollies get over $200,000 per year, I wonder when the change will start to happen

Unless it was a Labor Govt, in which case they could call on Marn Fergsn and other AlP rorters.

And he used to run a trucking company. As I understand it his experience with this was behind the increase in investigations following any truck incident these days. Probably the one thing he did get right.

According to the SMH article the other day nothing has changed in relation to truck safety. The fiery crash in Mona Vale was supposed to be the catalyst for change but too hard. The stats show trucks make up a small percentage of traffic but are in a more larger percentage of accidents.

Duncan Gay does not understand how to efficiently move people around. End of story. His connections and political clout are useless. If we keep doing what we have been doing we will get the same results. Gridlock. Death. Pollution.


And I agree with almost everything you just said. 

His connections and political clout are useless

They're not, neither is his experience in this space. Whether we like it, think it ethical, etc. or not.

Depressing because as you said, If we keep doing what we have been doing we will get the same results. Gridlock. Death. Pollution.

I should of specified. His political clout and connections are completely useless in improving transport outcomes. They will further the agenda of the muppets who are now paying him.

I was musing the other day about Parramatta Road being turned into a waterway, something like what they have in Seoul. Greeway along where a dead end road used to be, think cafes, parks, shops, space for kids to explore maybe even a bike lane. Well a bike lane might just be dreaming, but we could convert to kayak commuters...


Yeah, there seems to be a disconnect between the level of investigation into trucking companies after an incident and whoever is authorising the shortcut training that's now available. My comment was relating to the former, I'm happy to be corrected but I'd never heard of the current level of police raids and inspections on trucking companies and their fleets until a few years ago.

The SMH also said this.

Yep, the SMH is spot on with that editorial. It will change nothing, but they have summarised the clear conflicts of interest here extremely well.


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