And they wonder why we we have zero respect for out "leaders"

Mr Gay quit politics at the end of July after being dumped from cabinet in a January reshuffle

After 29 years in the Legislative Council he is entitled to a lifetime, taxpayer funded pension of more than $100,000 a year.

The former Nationals minister has joined the advisory board of MU Group, which bids for [and has received] NSW government transport contracts

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The issue is whether in these cases that there was a conflict of interest when they were the Minister for whatever ie "when your done as Minister I'll give you a job paying $$$.  I suspect that in this case he was simply finding a job after being sacked as Minister.

No that isn't the issue.

The issue is whether it looks corrupt, so that the public loses confidence in the system. As the SMH says, there is no evidence of corruption here –– except the look. Which by itself is shocking, and should have made Gay think twice, and then turn down the offer.

If we accept that it is fine for ex-ministers to accept jobs after politics in private enterprise with the people they used to administer, provided that "there is no evidence" of a conflict of interest, we are accepting a lower standard of behaviour from people who have been paid – very well paid – and have built a career and a reputation, for serving the public interest. 

We should pay our politicians well, and not whinge about it (as all Australians tend to). But we should then expect them to behave to the highest standards – not the lowest standards they can get away with, as, unfortunately, is the case now.


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