Dutch style cyclists needed for film shoot tomorrow morning!

I know, short notice.....movie people...amiright ?

Some of you know Marty Renwick (from organising the Wheelchair escorts and general all around bike guy). We'll he's shooting a promo video tomorrow morning for a bike related event he's looking at putting on next year and he needs a few riders.

So, if you're a sexy cool dutch bike / Oxford style / not too try hard guy or girl (his words people, not mine!) and can be at the MCA tomorrow morning at 6:15am then give him a call tonight on 0434 923 959 (and it wouldn't hurt to send him a selfie!).

Thanks all :)

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Do these guys qualify?


If I self-described myself as sexy and cool I would be neither.

But, but... You're a member of Sydney Cyclist?! It goes without saying...


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