E-bike - whats the best site for used e-bikes in Sydney?

What's the best website?

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Ebay and gumtree? Gloworms seem to take trade-ins so it'll make sense they have used ebikes for sale

I am not sure that second hand is the best option for e-bikes.

My thinking is probably the battery will be end of life. So you have to budget for that.

But more importantly the product is maturing now, so buying a not-quite-mature model is possibly a false economy.

Warranty is another thing to think about. Some of the older models have had warranty repairs such as under size motor bearings until warranty ends. You don't want to risk being up for a $600 repair when the thing fails for the first time out of warranty.

Better to buy new and budget for the cost of money if you don't have cash.

My old Trek 520 tourer was sitting around not getting much love. I recently did some travel through Europe and saw how much ebikes are used over there, so I've had a conversion kit added to it. The bike is nice to ride and the conversion kit with a 250W motor and 16aH battery was way less than $2k. Might be worthwhile considering whether you can do the same with one of your fleet! For a DIY install, have a look at this

When do we get your review (with pictures) Dabba. I am waiting for the 100% hidden version with battery that lasts 1500 kms, not that I would use it on Audax, there might be some suspicion when I started passing everyone going up hills

(up the first hill, then it's pay back time on the subsequent hills on a typical Audax ride... unless you stash extra fully charged battery packs at the signing points the day before)

Some e-bikes have provision for multiple batteries. Still, I wonder if an on-board generator is possible.

Great stuff Dabba. 

Interested in hearing your reviews and also who or where you got the Bagang kit (and which model) + battery from

(I was doing deep deep research into this several years back , but my incompetence with and fear of  bottom brackets held me back  )

One vendor you may like

Their decision tree is quite fun.

Of course, if doing a conversion, you are not limited to 250W. Also, you can program whatever cutoff speed you like. This is an Engineer's remark not a lawyer's :-)

Notice their suggestion for hills uses a hub in the back wheel NOT in the bottom bracket.

I think this makes sense, because bicycle gear systems struggle to handle torque. I find with my Focus Bold I need to use less than full assistance if I am using gearchanges.  That said, Bafang do make a 750W middle drive.

Thanks everyone. Brand new is looking more attractive.

Tunnels are the answer! 

Can't argue


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