Interesting article on another cost of motor vehicle use. Wonder how it compares to the cost of smoking which is such a big issue.

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I don't doubt the harm of many sorts that motor vehicles bestow on us but the article is a bit weak at explaining what is included in the headline 8000 puunds and the only component number referenced is 1600 for health costs. It is too easy for doubters and deniers  to dismiss these reports unless they have a bit more rigorous in their reporting

It will be dismissed. Can't avoid it. The price of progress etc...

Commenters tried that ... but have been rebutted.

Doubters and deniers will eventually be pushed out of decision making: court action grinds along.

I hope the original research is complete, I am sure the deficiencies identified are the journalist's and editor's.

Last i checked, sales of diesel vehicles (and overall vehicle sales) in the UK have slumped of late. I believe diesel vehicles make up a considerable percentage of new car sales across Europe. Perhaps the market will start steering manufacturers away from diesel passenger vehicles?  

Many European cities are threatening to ban diesel vehicles in the relative not too distant future and petrol thereafter from inner cities , that's going to steer the market

Already happened in some parts of Germany.

Meanwhile, diesels have a feeble value on the used car market. I don't know what it costs to convert them to gas which of course is much cleaner.


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