easiest way from Meadowbank rail/bike bridge into Homebush

Heading to Homebush to meet friends after work tomorrow evening -- I have Chatswood to Railway Bridge at Meadowbank covered but last time after this,  I ended up carrying bike over courtyard of the Nestle commercial building after I followed a path between rail line and beginning of Nestle industrial park -only to find a locked gate --I trudged out then rode on, at that time, rough footpath next to Homebush bay drive until I found an entrance to Homebush Bay 

Google maps show me paths ways along Rhodes waterfornt and I am assuming I would carry bike over rail pedestrian Bridge at Rhodes to access these-On map they go into Homebush -in real life????


thanks for help 

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No need for that, after riding across the rail bridge turn LEFT (yeah counterintuitive) on to road and left again under the railway and left again to parallel railway past station.


Then dogleg right-left to go south on Rider Ave, to get to the bike path next to the mangroves.


ok cool -- yes of course - I know the tunnel i used to work in that street in the first building after contaminated land, but forgot all about it -- thanks Martin 

The waterfront path is still blocked off halfway along due to building construction.

Stick to the road for the time being.

Do you mean Homebush Bay Drive road or Rider Boulevarde road ?


thanks everyone for input 


Take Rider Boulevarde (west side of train line) to reach Olympic Park.

The east side of the train line has a ped/bike path, but as previously mentioned the section between Homebush Bay Drive and the Nestle building has been locked off for some time.  Peds can detour up stairs behind Nestle building but no point carrying your bike.

The west side of the train line also has a shared path from the station south to underneath Homebush Bay drive.  But not the route you need here.

I feel that whole Homebush Bay - to Rhodes - to Meadowbank Railbridge needs a lot more signage.  But maybe they are waiting till the whole Rhodes Foreshore is completed along with foreshore path.

 Thanks guys for all the advice _ I had a great ride on Friday night I -- I am still working with new chum to get his fitness up after helping him but a commuter bike.Met him at Hombush to ride flat stuff with him _ so impressed was i by the Rhodes precinct that I took him from the Armoury at newington (where we met)  back to Rhodes so he now he knows how to get into Homubush from his side and he can ride with his Kids.

AS an aside I also met another guy at intersection of Delhi Rd and Epping Rd who showed me a super quick and safe way down to meadowbank which was way better then the way I was going to take- thanks to him!  (now if i can only remember it!!)

 next question-- Safest and least hilliest way from basically opposite St Josephs at Hunters Hill to Meadowbank- i would take Wharf rd/Morrison Rd  etc but he is still not ready for hills or even road.

Any thoughts?

next question-- Safest and least hilliest way from basically opposite St Josephs at Hunters Hill to Meadowbank- i would take Wharf rd/Morrison Rd

Yes go Wharf Road and Morrison Road but mumble to oneself." This is safe, this is flat, this is safe, this is flat...."

But really just ride with him and push up the hills, the fitness will come


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