Many in my cycling sphere have had n+1 come in the form of an ebike, but usually an eMTB - road bikes are creeping in slowly. During the course of some discussions, the question of how the arbitrary 25kph speed limit was arrived at, particularly for eMTB's that usually aren't on public roads.

Some conspiracy theories have been raised about the motoring lobby not wanting ebikes allowed to do higher speeds because it may attract more people away from cars.

One theory put forward was that bike brakes were not good enough to be effective at higher speeds. This is generally complete b/s as an unassisted cyclist often exceeds 25kph without too much effort. My best was with loaded touring gear on a downhill where I hit 75kph. I'd have lost a bit of bark if I'd hit the dirt!

I know from my o/s trips that these bikes are taking off everywhere, and pedal assist speed limits of 25kph don't seem to be an issue.

Can anyone shed any light on the arguments and reasons used for setting this limit so low? Imagine their increased usage if it was increased to, say 35kph!

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actually, they should make cars engines cut off when they exceed speed limits....


Im Europe you can get a Speed Pedelec. Which is 45km/h with a plate and usually an insurance and helmet requirement.

Typically the same bike as the 25km/h one, but with different Programme Settings.

Not  sold in Oz, BUT you can Research your preferred model and changes to the programming.

It always struck me that a simple firmware update could override the limit. I suppose you ideally need it switchable - so when you are pulled over by the cops, you can hit a couple of buttons on the controls and reset it back to 25kph.

'No officer, I was just pedalling hard...'

Another way to do it is to duplicate the Speed sensor. 

One on the wheel, unchanged. One on the cranks. Switch between the two


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