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needs distribution far and wide.

minor nitpick: no fine for photo ID in 2016

One wonders how all these new laws + increased fines would have helped Amy


you mean you don't understand the link between this and an inexperienced driver losing control of a car, crossing onto the wrong side of the road and having a head on with a group of cyclists, in Germany?

The important thing is that cyclists be punished for being on the road.

Can you do one showing motorists having a head-on overtaking cyclists over double lines, etc? Caption "Just slow down an %$;!@#* wait".

"Just slow down an %$;!@#* wait" a few SECONDS.

Sorry, but thats bullshit. I was claiming the lane today as necessary on narrow downhill road, keeping pace with cars. Didn't stop a tradie in a ute crossing double lines, pulling up beside me, abusing me while driving in the oncoming lane (!) and then dangerously swerving into me.

The new laws will not change that behaviour one bit, except making crossing double lines legal.

Some of the Bogans will be hard to reform despite the incentive/disincentive

Chucked my water bottle at a 4WD that did that to me once ... However, my lunatic was trying to go around me on my left and was moving to the right forcing me into oncoming traffic. Just missed getting the bottle into the driver's window. Not my finest hour.
Lost a perfectly good water bottle too ...

I once threw a frisbee thru the window of a car being driven stupidly.

Driver threw it back!


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