Thought I would post this separate to the thread that's busy running on that hit-and-run fatality.

Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but if you're carrying a phone on you when cycling (I'd say most of us do?), or for any other possible emergency, it's advisable to have one or two numbers stored under the listing "ICE" - "In Case of Emergency".

Paramedics will look in your phone for these numbers. And it helps them to know who is the preferred person to phone - in my case, my brother - rather than phoning, for eg, the number listed as "Mum" - who might not be the best person to receive news of an accident first.

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Would a mobile phone with ICE1..5 be enough?
Until the mobile gets smashed/locked.
Carry the ID with NOK info but blood group/type info is useless. Allergy, medications, significant health issues are very useful though.
I wouldn't say that blood group/type is useless because not all blood is compatible. Plus it is only two extra characters.
Interesting. I guess that is why the blood banks are always screaming for more O type blood.
But no medical facility would start a transfusion purely on your stated blood group. It's either O neg or after a full cross-match by lab. Putting down your blood group is useless.
Thanks for the heads up on this. I set up ICE 1 on my phone as soon as I read it. (I have been close to various cases of people being hit with no ID and am rather surpriced to see detractors of the idea.) Later that day I was momentarily alarmed to receive a call from "ICE 1". It freaked me out at first.
I haven't been reading all of these posts so I am not sure if this idea has been mentioned yet. One of the women at work has a sticker of her emergency details inside her helmet. It was a printed sticker and she had filled in the details including any medical insurance and blood type. I will have to ask her where she got it from. It looked like came with the helmet.

Has anyone else seen these stickers?
This topic led me to getting presents!!

It's a Road ID tag and has my name, DOB, emergency contact details, allergies and a funny tag line which reminds me to ride hard. Here I am wearing it on my wrist but it also came with an ankle strap.

Was a surprise gift the other day and feels great that all the information is on one well designed object that will be easy to access and hopefully that information will never need to be used.

Oh and I have photoshopped the image so those details can't be read over the internet but they are super clear on the ID tag.


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