A colleague of mine witnessed (yet another) truck pull out of the Shell servo right across the bike path and right in to the path of (yet another) poor cyclist coming down the hill. She stopped, not quite as quickly as he did, to help and it appears he is relatively okay (got up off the deck by himself), unlike his bike, and the truck which now is doing an impression of the cyclist along one panel. Anyone know any more?

What is it going to take to fix this blackspot?

Actually, now that I think about  it, this title isn't correct. It should be "Drivers not paying attention at the Shell servo exit on the Epping Rd bike path claim another victim"

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I have to say that this is one spot that I will always choose to play in the traffic rather than ride on that path, it's fine if you are heading up the hill but between driveways, pedestrians and bus passengers it's not a practical piece of path to travel at speed. If you do want to ride the path just avoid going warp speed. Getting back onto the SUP is not hard, given that the Centennial Ave traffic is stopped you can just continue with the epping rd through traffic and veer onto the second half of the Centennial Ave pedestrian crossing, over the traffic island and the stopped turning lane and back onto the path.

And sorry Neil, I am going to point out that you were well in the wrong as well when that woman cut you off, apart from it being illegal for you to be riding on the path at all, if you "slammed on my brakes and avoided cannoning into her" it sure sounds like you were riding too fast for the conditions.

Ah sorry, you are right there Paul. I'm easily confused. I still play on the road there as it gives you a better chance to be seen by the exiting cars. I jump onto the road at the driveway before that and continue down to the lights and jump back on the path there.

Not at all, James. How could I have been going too fast if I "slammed on my brakes and avoided cannoning into her". Anyway two, or even three, illegalities don't make a legality. She was well in the wrong for a) not looking to see if anyone was on the path and b) stopping across it and obstructing it.

Given all that, society is to blame for not mandating safe cycling facilities through the area, so I will be having it arrested too.

Maybe flashing lights when cyclists are approaching - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZJlweUTqXY - 3minute mark in this.

That's awesome - seen it before but always good to revisit it and touch base with Nirvana.

But what it mean is "someone" needs to invest in infrastructure for cyclist safety.

I like it!

Jumped on to ask a different question but saw this, which made me do some research:


Basically 20 penalty units if caught not giving way 

"Note 4. For this rule, give way means the driver must slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision" to "any vehicle or pedestrian on any road related area that the driver crosses to enter the road,"


Add to that Brendans Law (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/roadrules/brendans_law.html) then its starting too add up.


BUT the law enforcement people have enough on their hands so why not add a penalty fine to it and hand it to the revenue focused councils!

Another alternative is for a cyclist funded employee of the RTA to deal with such issues and spare capacity (- like there will be any!!) to assist in other RTA matters. (ignore the self interest ethics issues of course ha ha)


just a thought


pretty much any servo too, worst at the ones with poor sightlines

I have had the chance to ride here twice in the last week with the issues raised in this thread in mind so I could check out the driveway exit.

The driveway leading up the cycle path is visible to people on the cyclepath well before the cyclist needs to stop

It is impossible for any vehicle to magically appear on the cyclepath / footpath without warning well in advance.

The only way a cyclist could hit a truck of all things, is to see it and ignore the potential that it may not stop

The legal fault is still that of the truck driver’s but after seeing the position of the driveway, I think the cyclist needs a lesson in defensive riding as well because it doesn’t really matter who is at legal fault when you are 6 feet under.

I disagree.

A truck may be high enough to see, but a car can certainly be concealed by the fence. The style of the uprights in the fence and the angle of approach means that cars pop out on you.

And the speed bump exacerbates the problem because you see the vehicles slow down and then suddenly speed up again only to stop across the cycleway.

As I have written to many politicians, I would never let my kids use this cycleway.

If you do not ride as fast as you can you can see through the fence and slow down if you see a car.


Sure, this is far from ideal and the design sucks huge balls, but Robbiejuve's point regarding defensive riding still stands.


Most cyclists I see are nuts riding past here at full speed. Ride to the conditions.


FWIW, have ridden past this point in the downhill direction > 600 times.


Riding to the conditions is a great concept and I have not personally had an accident here, but I object to the RTA creating such a dangerous environment to ride in - and then to have the State Govt crowing about creating a great piece of cycling infrastructure gets under my skin.

I don't think I'm any where near 600 times yet, but I have witnessed quite a few close calls by what I assume are inexperienced riders (generally on weekends) and one pretty serious whack that destroyed the bike and left the rider pretty bruised.

Because of the design of the fence, it's easy to see why cars drive straight out.


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