A colleague of mine witnessed (yet another) truck pull out of the Shell servo right across the bike path and right in to the path of (yet another) poor cyclist coming down the hill. She stopped, not quite as quickly as he did, to help and it appears he is relatively okay (got up off the deck by himself), unlike his bike, and the truck which now is doing an impression of the cyclist along one panel. Anyone know any more?

What is it going to take to fix this blackspot?

Actually, now that I think about  it, this title isn't correct. It should be "Drivers not paying attention at the Shell servo exit on the Epping Rd bike path claim another victim"

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According the Russ W on page 4


They didn't say when.

>They didn't say when.

Well not in 2010 and it looks like not in 2011, so maybe 2012? - Nah.

My guess is that they don't care much because if anyone gets hurt the driver's insurer or the nominal defendant get to pay up- not RTA.


I hope I am wrong BTW.


I guess change initiated by 'the system' requires death, since the Coroner is otherwise uninvolved. And it is a Coroner not an insurer who formally gets to point a finger.

OK, everyone, go to the rta contact form and remind them!

and one of these (reversed) might help.

I filled up at the Shell this morning and really paid attention when exiting.

That stupid fence blocks virtually 100% of the view to the right of the cycle path looking up the hill. You need to get the front of the car over the line and onto the cycle path before you get a clear view of anybody coming down the hill.

Just taking 5m of that fence away would be a life saver.

That's not good. But... it means that cars should stop at the stop sign (like you are meant to do) and then creep forward. Unlike what most do now which is ignore the stop sign completely. Not rocket science.

But this is:

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Last week, with these posts fresh in my mind, I was driving along Epping Road, heading south.  THere was a 4 tonne truck stopped at the exit point from the servo.  I could see a cyclists flat-chat down the path from Lane Cove.  I probably turned green, thought about shouting a warning to both of them. made a mental note of where I stored the first aid kit in my car.  .....

Nothing happened.  The cyclist kept on going at full speed, completely oblivious to the potential problem (so then I felt like shouting "join Sydney Cyclist!").  The truckie sat there, waited and peered around to check whether a cyclist was approaching.  Just as it should be I guess.

But I did think that as well as all these signs for motorists that perhaps it would be prudent to put up some signs for cyclists ......?  We should ride defensively - or should we just go for it?

Damn you, SUS. Now I have to buy more t-shirts! There are some beauties on the Think Geek site.
From "a motorists perspective" it is not an easy exit. Due to the poor visibilityof the exit ramp and the fence and the way the oncoming road traffic pops up over the crest, the natural instinct is to roll straight out right across the cycle lane to get a better view.

It's sad, but I also think that a motorists' perspective (I might hit a cyclist!) is likely to be more persuasive than a cyclist's perspective (I might get hit!).


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