A colleague of mine witnessed (yet another) truck pull out of the Shell servo right across the bike path and right in to the path of (yet another) poor cyclist coming down the hill. She stopped, not quite as quickly as he did, to help and it appears he is relatively okay (got up off the deck by himself), unlike his bike, and the truck which now is doing an impression of the cyclist along one panel. Anyone know any more?

What is it going to take to fix this blackspot?

Actually, now that I think about  it, this title isn't correct. It should be "Drivers not paying attention at the Shell servo exit on the Epping Rd bike path claim another victim"

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I was contacted by the Coles rep, Robert (0409 466 821) two years ago regarding damage to the speed hump on the exit ramp.  My assessment then was that he wanted to remedy the situation.



They have fixed the speed hump (put two in now)

but the fence is still a safety hazard as drivers cannot see through it up the hill.

I think this is the responsibility of the department formerly known as the RTA.


Yes agree. The fence needs to be modified.  And the ramp with its climb and sharply angled approach severely limiting visibility results in a shocker of an outcome.  There has been some discussion (proposal?) regarding the service centre being redeveloped for high-rise apartments but I understand it was rejected by NSW planning.  Such a redevelopment would allow a much more appropriately designed ramp to be constructed.   Instead NSW planning required development on Mowbary Rd (West), which is poorly serviced by public transport ...... a stupid decision. 


I think a letter or 50 have gone already to the owners/operators and most have been from KimR who had a thread on this issue some time ago... I could find it but have to go out shortly.

Actually, John, I think the reality is that drivers don't give a sh*t about people on footpaths as they shoot into and out of servos/anywhere-else and they don't bother looking either.

Just yesterday I had a woman stop across my path at the entrance to the Shell servo on PacHwy next door to 99Bikes Lane Cove. She cringed back in horror as I slammed on my brakes and avoided cannoning into her door by about 50 mm. Clearly she hadn't even noticed anyone coming on the path (yeah, OK, it's not an official SUP but many cyclists use it because of the abysmal cycling conditions on the highway since the opening of the LCT) and indicated by sign language that she couldn't go anywhere else because cars were queued back from the pumps. So, clearly, it is OK to inconvenience/endanger footpath users by stopping across their path but not OK to inconvenience road users behind you in a traffic jam by stopping and waiting until the exit from the road is clear. Go figger.

Maybe this wouldn't work and I know it's coming from the prick in me but how about a protest - a continuous line of cyclists and peds doing a loop across the entrance would get their attention quick. Of course you'd want to have your demands sorted out first.

That's an excellent idea. Could be done on a weekend when you could get more cyclists to make up the numbers. I'll be in it.

Yep, I'd say some form of non-aggressive, but very obvious, direct action (and advocacy: let the local media know what will be happening, when and why) is in order...

totally agree with you man^^.

I know the area but dont ride there very often so I dont remember if any of these are in place. 

1. Put a speed bump just before the exit hits the cyclepath / footpath.

2.A big "watch out for cyclists" sign 

3.A mirror to allow the driver to see up the bike path as they exit.

4. A stop sign at the exit before it crosses the cyclepath / footpath.
5. A sign for cyclists advising to slow down due to the exit ahead.

Such as a boomgate that stays down until the driver has stopped and the cycleway is clear.

With an audible warning when the boom is up too, to alert incoming cyclists.


Drivers of vehicles exiting the service station are concentrating on a clean merge into traffic coming down the road.  Very few are thinking that the cyclists have right of way and that there is a 'yield' to contend with before the road.  Putting (more) signs up would only ever be a partial solution. 

Incidents are particularly nasty if the cyclist is coming downhill, thus, at speed.  I have ridden on the roadway a couple of times to avoid the danger, but then, getting back onto the SUP at the bottom is not great.

There needs to be some re-engineering.  It is an RTA road, so the RTA should be obliged to come up with a solution.


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