A colleague of mine witnessed (yet another) truck pull out of the Shell servo right across the bike path and right in to the path of (yet another) poor cyclist coming down the hill. She stopped, not quite as quickly as he did, to help and it appears he is relatively okay (got up off the deck by himself), unlike his bike, and the truck which now is doing an impression of the cyclist along one panel. Anyone know any more?

What is it going to take to fix this blackspot?

Actually, now that I think about  it, this title isn't correct. It should be "Drivers not paying attention at the Shell servo exit on the Epping Rd bike path claim another victim"

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Not to mention the newly installed bus shelter taking up the uphill bike lane.

Yep I've seen cars fly out without slowing and blocking the path. I give a warning toot both ways each day on my commute. Thank you Air Zound LOL and good morning asleep residents.

You can see what an over development it is from this photo

'over development' in what sense ?

Great, I will also log an issue with Lane Cove council. Does RMS have authority here as the building is on a major road.

Are there any Meriton units not built beside major highways?

Not any more.

After all, they have to live up to their reputation as "the slums of tomorrow on the median strips of today".


Despite the DA I'm not sure if this overpass is going to proceed! ..... my understanding is the developer is trying to avoid its construction.

I saw this and noticed in my travels all the walkers heading to the east (city) bound bus stop.  They need to traverse Epping Rds 4-6 lanes to get there.  Good luck.  I take it the overpass was avoided.  I assume it is quite safe to cross Epping Rd at that point.

I don't know how many units are occupied, but the cafe'/corner shop is still closed. There can't be that many people in there yet.

When it's full up, it will be interesting.

It's about a 300m walk to the pedestrian overpass at Sam Johnson Way (Orion Rd) with the bus stop right opposite. Or it's a similar distance walk downhill to the bridge, across, and to the bus stop down there.


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