Acording to this report in the UK Independent newsaper (link below).. cycling can be one of the best ways for older people to have eternal youth.

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Viz. 90 year old cyclist who rides most days , he has only cycled for the last 15 years so like me he is a latestarter but much more so.
I was delighted to encounter the owner of a rusty original 60's Raleigh unlocking his bike at the same time as I was at the local shopping mall yesterday. I'd have guessed he was in his eighties.

"How long you been riding that bike?", I asked.

"Fishing at Woy Woy", he replied.

"Oh", I said.

"It's the yellow bins this week", he advised, then rode off helmetless in a smooth and assured manner.

He was fit and happy. Good for him!

That's brilliant!!

Sure is. What? Speak up!

+1. Classic response!

My mate Frosty on the left is 68 and is still showing most 40-50 year old riders how it's done on a daily basis!

I've personally been convinced of this since 1988. B.C.

Hmm, wishes an early demise for dunc

The volunteers – 84 men and 41 women – had to be able to cycle 100 km (62 miles) in six and half hours for men and 60km in less than 5.5 hours for women. Smokers, heavy drinkers and those with high blood pressure and other health conditions were automatically excluded.

So when they eliminated all the people showing signs of aging, there were few signs of aging :/

That's a shame, because combined with my love of oats I was gunning for immortality with 20 bowls a day:

But scientists found that for each ounce (28g) of whole grains eaten a day – the equivalent of a small bowl of porridge – the risk of all death was reduced by five per cent and heart deaths by nine percent.

I wondered that too - is it the dog wagging the tail or the other way around? How many 55-79 year olds who could ride a bike 100km and had health conditions were excluded? I'm guessing not many - if you're healthy at 55+ you can probably ride a bike 100km (if you tried), or if you can ride a bike 100km at age 55+, you probably don't have (m)any health conditions.

Broad generalisations - to make the point.

[Puts aside walking frame, lowers self gingerly into seat to begin one-finger typing]

In my day, sonny, we used to ride a bike 100km before breakfast, though in those days they called them miles and they were longer but we rode them anyway. Then we'd ride another 100 miles after breakfast. Then in the afternoon we would ride 100 leagues which were longer still but we rode them anyway. I can still do that today even though we call them metres now and um... what was the question again? Wait, I have to get my hearing aid.

But if you tell young people of today all that they won't believe you and they will just keep sitting in front of their computers playing those video-gamey-things and becoming obese until mummy comes in to drive them to the shop to buy Coca-Cola and, yes, I would like fries with that, but if you tell anyone that...

You 'ad bicycles? Luxury. We 'ad no shoes let alone bicycles.


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