"Can you imagine a future--thirty-nine years from now--where there are no engines humming, no exhaust smells, no car sounds of any kind in the city except the presumably Jetsons-like beeping of EVs? The European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, can, and it has a transportation proposal aiming to do just that by 2050."


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Damn, I'll be 94 then and may not be doing much cycling. Couldn't they bring it on a bit faster?

will you still need me,

Will you still feed me,

when I'm 94?

If I've saved up all my pennies to go over for a smog free holiday at the age of 80, I'll be pissed off if they postpone this..
peak oil will
qf already trimming at $105

motorists too soon i hope
Is that a string of random words?  Or a haiku, the meaning of which I do not understand?

Translation (as I understand it):

Peak Oil will constrain motoring before 2050.

Qantas is already reducing flights with oil at $US105/barrel (Singapore Tapis around $120/barrel)

Motorists will soon be reducing their driving at this fuel price.


As mud.

… from cities.

From the "Motor Authority", eh??

My comment on their article:

"Will EV technology be far enough along to replace the demand for personal mobility only an automobile can provide?"
We already have a vehicle which can do this. It uses no climate-changing fuel and its engine gets stronger and more reliable the more it is used. It could immediately replace most journeys completed by fossil-fuel burning cars, more than half of which are under 5km. It just needs the political will to provide for it and a slight shift in the mindset of some people. What is this miracle vehicle? The bicycle! Remember it? It has been around longer than cars.


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