Even posties aren't safe from the long arm of the ego oriented officers


Damn, there must be nothing worse that a police officer who's having a bad day.

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why should they be?

Because within the Australian road rule 288 (Driving on a path) has a note (5A) that states that rule 288 "... does not apply to the rider of a motor bike (with or without a trailer attached) that is a postal vehicle".

Speaking generally and not specifically to this case:

Imagine a scenario where an angry cop got it wrong. Could have swallowed his pride and admitted he got things wrong. 

But no, instead painted himself into a corner and issued a spiteful, face saving ticket. 

Reckon that ever happens?

How did it even get to court. I did read he also got done for parking on a footpath, and not having his helmet strap fastened (the later is an offence).

Presumably said postie knows where police officers live on his run, so can mess with them as he thinks fit.

This constable, who exercised not even an iota of judgement, needs a severe reprimand from his superiors for making the police force look foolish and wasting valuable police and court time. The police have a tough job to do and do not need this sort of nonsense occuring.


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