Couldn't get my stuff together this morning... for the first time ever I hit a guy's side mirror when filtering. Fortunately the traffic was stationary so I could go back, set his mirror back in place and apologise. He was very sympathetic and wished me a good and safe day.

I rode off only to almost rear end a white van not 5 metres later as he stopped suddenly right at the same time I was checking over my shoulder.

I'll have no confidence for the ride home now.

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I've had to duck in there for a shirt a couple of times.

We all have those days, wouldn't sweat it. You'll be fine come hometime!

Yes, usually on a Monday oddly enough.

One topic hijack that I am happy about = cycling mistakes to going pantless!

We should have had this thread started around Mardi Gras.

BTW did you manage to get home without incident?


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