Ever wondered why the path is so dirty ... ???

For those that ride on the Shrimptons creek cycleway, you would know that near the oval (kind of close to Macquarie shopping centre) the path is always very dirty and covered in mulch/ dirt. Well here is the reason why:

There is a Brush Turkey kicking all the mulch onto the path. I have seen it do it a couple of times before but managed to get it on camera this time. It is actually quite annoying, as it makes it very bumpy and unstable to ride through on a road bike with skinny tyres.

Here is another animal that I spot regularly:

It is a massive lizard sunbaking on the path. I have seen it multiple times, always right in the centre of the path although it may not be the same one. The first time I saw it, it freaked out and ran straight into the creek so now I turn around and take the road instead to let it be. 

What slightly amusing encounters with wildlife do you have regularly while on the bike?

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Once in the middle of a bunch ride I've had a wallaby jump out of the ditch on the side of the road going up the short hill on West Head Rd (between McCarrs & GSM Dr). Why it sat there while I-don't-know-how-many other riders went past him, then jump out in front of me I don't know. A mate wasn't so lucky - on another day he had one knock him off his bike further along West Head Rd.

But this has got to be one of the most unlucky wildlife encounters on a bike - fortunately not common, I hope:

That one in the video was deliberate, SUV. The animal had been listening to too much Seth Efrican Alan-Jones-equivalent shock-jockery about "bleddy bahk rahders".

But most wildlife has no road sense. In the last few years, I have had to dodge goannas, echidnas, brush turkeys, lyre birds and eastern water dragons (that lizard in the OP). I have previously recounted here the story of the day a Hunter Valley wobbly tried to outrace my wife and me on our tandem. It didn't, but only just.

A letter writer to the North Shore Times recently bemoaned the upsurge in wildlife, claiming that it is increasing the number of ticks on her dog, and wants fox-baiting stopped to solve the "problem". If that were to happen, I would have to go back to dodging foxes on the road. Cyclists can't win.

One day, one of them is gonna shoot bring me down.

But most wildlife has no road sense.

Stop calling drivers names NA

Like most things, wildlife tend to only get their road sense wrong once. Or at least, once too often.

Yep, North Shore turkeys!
No idea!

At this years Mont 24hr I nearly got taken out by a wallaby. I regularly see monitors scrabbling up trees on the local trails.

I think that's gorgeous! It's great to see so much native wildlife living in the city.


Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the RBBs I've had to bunny-hop during MTB rides in the Lane Cove River valley.


100% of reported RBB jumps are successful. Because those who get it wrong...

I lived to tell the tale. Just.

Back wheel flicked it up at me, mate behind yelled out, I ditched the bike right and ran left. Took a good 30 mins before I was keen to try and retrieve the bike.

Royal National Park just behind Engadine station.


More recently - foxes along Chuter Ave at Monterey / Ramsgate.

See plenty of cute bunnies near the International Airport too.

there's hundreds of those water dragons down in Shrimpton's between Epping and Waterloo roads..

Bloody brush turkeys have got to be the dumbest animals this side of Emus.  There's a whole family of them on the steep blind corners of Sutherland Rd in Cheltenham that like to play on the road.


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