Ever wondered why the path is so dirty ... ???

For those that ride on the Shrimptons creek cycleway, you would know that near the oval (kind of close to Macquarie shopping centre) the path is always very dirty and covered in mulch/ dirt. Well here is the reason why:

There is a Brush Turkey kicking all the mulch onto the path. I have seen it do it a couple of times before but managed to get it on camera this time. It is actually quite annoying, as it makes it very bumpy and unstable to ride through on a road bike with skinny tyres.

Here is another animal that I spot regularly:

It is a massive lizard sunbaking on the path. I have seen it multiple times, always right in the centre of the path although it may not be the same one. The first time I saw it, it freaked out and ran straight into the creek so now I turn around and take the road instead to let it be. 

What slightly amusing encounters with wildlife do you have regularly while on the bike?

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Doesnt pay rego, doesn't have a license,  these birds are nothing but buch cockroaches and should be in the scrub where they belong :-)


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