Bikers, your advocacy is needed.  See the attached talking points (TruckGreens1).....

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I am all for it. The sooner the better they fit these to bicycles so we can ascend the King street cycleway disaster without having to race for the green bike traffic signal up that steep hill.

A simple solution to the congestion problem is to introduce the congestion charges to enter the city. These charges could either be monetary charges or explosive charges. Either way, they'd reduce the number of vehicles entering the city.

But I'm sure the motoring lobbyists wouldn't be for this - because it would also impact them. They're only after a solution that benefits them, not everyone.

I'm thinking of a few advantages of this system for us:

1) As you point out, this will tick off NRMA et al,

2) Throttling car movement may actually help us, congestion is our friend and we have chances to defeat red lights that motorists do not,

3) Getting access to the system, as Bill points out, could be of assistance &

4) Jamming may also be an option.

FWIW there has been an SMS based system for emergency vehicle priority ooh for about a decade.

No doubt RMS and the trucking industry are across all that.

and we have the SCATs system that does "adaptive traffic management" now it seems. 

So if there is a long line of trucks will they all get through on the extended green? We do need to know what happens to side street green times, will they get reduced or the frequency decreased or what? Agree that we should call on RMS to do a full report  on the effects on all users.

The media statement from the minister

Check the video, shows some ideal road with green bike paths on all sides, but on closer inspection, no crossings for pedestrians or cyclists.

says the trial is on 40 kms of road in Pennant Hills and Parramatta area, plus  St Georges Rd.

So if there is a long line of trucks will they all get through on the extended green?

Sounds like they need some kind of dedicated corridor... where all of the trucks could move in one long convoy. Maybe then you could hook up a whole bunch of trailers to a single cab to save energy and labour costs. But with enough trailers they might wobble around a bit at speed, so if they were put on some kind on rails to keep them going in a straight line...

You know, this proposal could be on to something!

You're much too subtle, Mjog.

Has anybody written any letters?


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