Fabric scoop radius or cell radius which is more comfortable?

Fabric has a great reputation for comfortable saddles. Which is more comfortable, scoop radius or a cell radius?

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Never heard of those terms, can you please enlighten? 

Thanks Bob. Referring to two different tyes of Fabric brand saddles. Relatively new UK firm with a reputation for reasonably priced but very comfortable saddles using proprietary technology. Seem to be a smart group of people. Not sure which saddle would be best for mountain bikin or commuting?

This it the Fabric Scoop Elite Radius saddle conventional padding and flexible base

This is the Fabric Cell Elite Radius saddle "air sprung" like a Nike track shoe

I didn't realise "fabric" is a makers name, was thinking it was some sort of new or different saddle cover, which is actually what Fabric is  offering:)

anyway, reviews seem positive, you can choose between levels of padding and fore aft curvature, depending on how upright you ride.  Worth a test I guess if you can get hold of a sample.

Im in the market for a new saddle myself,  was thinking of a Specialized Phenom, another silly name, if I can find a local supplier. Previous Specialized saddle cover finally wore out, otherwise still OK. 

The shape looks very similar to the Fizik Aliante - now available with cut out and wide (155mm) I tried several and this fitted my backside best - yours who knows. I got it for $113 from PBK on special

Thanks Peter will give feedback after this weekend 

Thanks Bob. The English guy at my LBS recommended the scoop for a mountain bike. I have ridden a phenom. Very good if you are on the drops. Did not like it for a more relaxed upright touring position.


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