Failure of police to charge motorists for car/bike offences

Back in the day when Noah was a boy, my law lecturer talked about plod being able to be charged with neglect of duty if they didn't do what they were supposed to.

On a number of occasions in this place, I've raised it as something that may be able to be done if punishment passes continue to avoid prosecution.

I've come across this case which might suggest that it should be pursued where cyclists are harassed and plod refuses to do something about it. Maybe it's something that either a wronged individual could pursue, or better still, the lazy cycling bodies who collect membership fees so that they can do ..........  Oh yes, membership fees so that they can pay themselves!

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Neglect of duty is an appropriate charge.

Now if only we have a cycling body that'll look into this with some access to legal representation - there are numerous incidents 

I suspect that any crowd funding on it would be huge from the cycling community.

What a great idea.

how much do you think is needed? 

How long is a piece of string? 

Thanks! I would never have thought the answer would only require 4 pages to encapsulate.

Crowd funding is proving to be quite a lifeline and a huge contributor to a number of success stories.  If the passion and support is there by many, it could be very worthwhile.  A very good idea indeed.

How would the first case have come about? Who would have complained that the cop was negligent? Surely not the drunk woman he drove home?

jealous husband/boyfriend?

Maybe there was a discrepancy recognizable in the procedure back at the station, and upon interviewing the woman she mentioned it as a tactic to avoid a charge "but he tried to kiss me officer!"

but that the advances just happened

Wow, This dick's - sorry, upstanding police officer's - defence is almost as disgusting as "sorry mate I didn't see ya". 

This is why motorists disregard the law and lives of other road users, we have some great role models.

On reading that report, I was not filled with optimism about a satisfactory result, even if we did get a case as far as court.


Sounds like a great idea but...

...can you imagine the attitudes of Police towards people on bicycles once the action is launched or worse if action succeeds?

There could also be a wider backlash against 'entitled' people on bicycles, new laws, extra hate etc...

We just need Police Chiefs and the relevant ministers to do their job - why is that so hard? :(



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