I am disappointed to note that the main cycleway through Adams Park in Canley Vale has been closed without notice where they are building a new car park. A pathetic little notice says to use Canley Heights Road but provides no alternate path or directions. The Fairfield boundary cycleway is now breached. I've sent an email to Fairfield Council but based on previous experience i don't expect a response. I was wondering if your group could rally support in connecting FCC in getting a safe alternative path set up that allows children and pedestrians and mere cyclists a route pass without having to go out to Canley Heights Road?

I can't see how they've been allowed to close the path until February 2015. A week or two i could understand but why so many months?
Hope you'll support me?

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They did that with the Parramatta Valley Cycleway, for years.

Fences were cut... right of way restored.

I guess I ride that Orphans School track back to Fairfield 3 or 4 times a year and was planning to show it to a new rider next week who doesn't like riding on the road which this is going to force by the look of it.

There are a number of public cycleways around Sydney that are either totally or partly closed of for the benefit of "developers", this is just another example :-)


I got a call from Fairfield City Council following on from an email I sent them. Reading between the lines they don't really care that the diversion is along Canley Vale Road. They said they will be getting the developer to put up better signage and indicate a recommended route but the construction works should have been planned such that a safe alternative route had been put in place from day one. Not just wait until someone "complains". If someone gets injured as a result of using their alternative route will they care? 

They path is closed until February (assuming no delays). They need to divert a drain along the line of the path. They could reopen the path sooner but wouldn't be convenient for the builder. I thought Fairfield City Council were more pedestrian /cyclist friendly than this.

I am interested to know what road junction improvements they will be doing as a part of this new development. A multistorey car park will attract more traffic. Expect there will be more disruption when they get round to doing those.


I wonder if the developer would care if people were to pour concrete in to drainage plumbing


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