driver kills cyclist in NSW, again

I *think* this is the 5th cyclist fatality in NSW this year.

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Something is better than nothing, but this letter might be read by Mike Baird, or a member of his team, who will draft a polite response something like "blah blah blah whatever"

Cycling is down under his watch and the road toll has increased dramatically. Ministers need to be sacked - these are people lives, limbs and welfare.

I suspect the only reason the road toll is not a whole lot higher is the reduction in cycling, and the extreme caution people need to exercise anywhere near a road. I know when I have my two kids with me anywhere near a road the aging process speeds up for me - it is stressful. If they break free for a second it can be life changing/ending.

There is NO onus on motorists to give a shit. Radical change is required. 


Yep this.

As it turns out, cycling may not be down under Baird's watch.

The NSW claim of a reduction in cycling was based upon 3 measurement locations only, being SHB, ANZAC Bridge and ANZAC Parade.

SHB now has a free-for-bikes alternative thanks to Opal. More bike traffic including me seems to prefer The Crescent / Glebe Foreshore / Johnstone's Creek to ANZAC Bridge. And ANZAC Parade has had some disruption as I recall.

At other locations, participation seems to be up, based upon the RMS clickable maps for CoS and Greater Sinney. Ryde and Mac Park for example. The one clear reduction, to zero, is the College St cycleway count.

Meanwhile, there are delivery bikes with tiffin bags all over the place now.

"The one clear reduction, to zero, is the College St cycleway count."

That would only be because there isn't a College St cycleway any more.

I make a point of riding down College Street on most of my morning commutes, and it seems to me there are more cyclists going down there in the mornings than there ever were on the old cycleway. We seem to have made the left lane our own, at least for the times I'm there.

It probably isn't the same in the afternoons though - I don't go home that way.

When I checked the SHB, there was only ~800 an hour during peak on a perfect morning.  I doubt there is 200 extra bikes on the trains in the morning, because its a pain to bring anything but a 20in folder on a train in the morning.

No, there wouldn't be 200/hour on train.

The point is their claim is based upon just 3 locations. If they have gone down, that's interesting in itself but it doesn't say the rest of NSW went down too.

RMS data where there are some considerable ups and downs, as well as gaps in counting. Even this lot is a tiny part of NSW.

The reduction is real, the above count points mostly get commuter cyclists who for the most part are "serious" roadies and it is surprising that there is a reduction even in those but the big reduction I see and confirmed by others here is in the inner suburbs non sport / non commuter but just amble along to the next suburb for dinner or entertainment in normal clothes mostly without special headgear type of bicycle rider. In my observation these have almost disappeared from my suburb, they haven't transitioned to wearing a helmet they have just hung up their bikes because they don't want the hassle and don't (for other reasons) what to come to the attention of the police.

Yet Hawthorne Canal up, Ryde and Mac Park up.

Not sure about Iron Cove Bridge, as there are 2 counts 'old' and 'not old'. So it seems as though the new crossing just increased the count, rather than take away from 'old'. IDK

Up here in the mountains I see more and more. But there's no count so you cannot tell. That said, we scored a lot of new paths in 2015 & 2016.

Maybe you see an increase where infrastructure got boosted, and a reduction where it didn't. 

My understanding is that is correct, that cycling steadily reduces where it is unfriendly and hence we get a distorted view as we ride in areas that have become a little more friendly.

In NSW terms the numbers increase in the urban area's, in particular near the CBD's and decrease in the regional areas

My varied observations around Newcastle seem to suggest that there are more riding than perhaps 12-18 months ago.

Charges laid. 

"On Saturday, police charged the 37-year-old driver with dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving occasioning death and not giving his particulars to police.

He will appear before Hornsby Local Court on February 3." SMH online article 25-Dec-16

Question: Can he drive now or is licence suspended automatically? Anyone know...


Imagine with dangerous driving being a criminal charge, license suspension would only take place after the court case - if you're found guilty - no lawyer here though.

Anyone hear of the truckie who hit Dr Sueke being charged? Must be coming up close to a coroner's report on that one after 18 months.


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