driver kills cyclist in NSW, again

I *think* this is the 5th cyclist fatality in NSW this year.

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Police can suspend on the spot or within 48 hours for serious offences. Stays in force until the court case. Question is, did they suspend in this case?

300 hours of community service and a 2 year driving ban - did I miss anything?

Some lives are not worth as much as others.


Can you find the link to the judgement? I can't .....

That is so wrong!

No - I can't see it on NSW Case law. Sometimes there is a delay in publishing, but surely it would be posted today.

My info is from a few sources, it has been fairly widely reported. 


I've googled and googled and can't find it!

Information on the sentencing is posted on Bicycle NSW's facebook page. Bicycle NSW had staff at court yesterday to hear the sentencing. 

Probably 20 or so years ago a cyclist was killed while crossing a bridge in Wellington - out west. The truck driver was fined about $300. I remember a cycling uncle commenting that at that time you were fined more for owning rabbit traps!

Zero deterrent to actually give a crap whilst driving.

When will people act like driving is inherently dangerous? The day after some court hands down an appropriate sentence.

Will they legislate to prevent future careless homicides? No - sorry too busy thinking up ways to ensure a homophobic bakers or rock bands are not required to do their jobs or dreaming up huge roads to sell us.

We give up so much freedom so motorists can drive - it is shameful but will not change for a long time to come.

As an aside I run bright (370 lumens) flashing lights 24/7 and would advise doing so - this is not a guarantee that you will be seen, I've had plenty of close calls with lights blazing away.


Agreed on all counts.

It's a terrible state of affairs - drivers who hesitate for a second or two at traffic lights cop a bollicking from the cars being "held up" behind. Nobody really looks properly!

I'm always very wary heading down that hill - take the middle lane and be cautious!  

I always use a strobe blinky light for the exact same reason, but have come close to being T-boned many times as well .......  

According to court documents, the accident occurred about 10am on December 18, 2016, as Fageer was on his way to work as a computer technician and Dr Formaz-Preston was returning from a ride from Neutral Bay to Akuna Bay.

She had been wearing a red and white shirt and black pants, described by a witness as dark colours, and did not have a light on her bike.

Somehow, while riding legally at 10am it became partially her fault.
Well, the driver was found to be guilty.

But, defensive riding is prudent.
Speed, position and visibility are just about the only things we have control of on the road. Unfortunately, in the dull and wet conditions I'm not sure that the victim had the second or the third optimised at the time of the collision.
Whether this could have possibly made any difference, we'll never know.
I wonder if some drivers could see a flouro smoke flare right in front of their noses sometimes.
If my use of a blinky light in the middle of the day makes the job of one or two extra drivers to see me a bit easier, a bit earlier, that can only be good for me.


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