The final version of the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan was released today.

BIKESydney & BIKEast's submission to its development here.




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Looking at the summary I see no mention of new cycling infrastrusture initiatives.

Item 33 mentions the 2012-13 $27.5M funding tied to council contributions.

P26 mentions completing the Parramatta Park to SOP path by 2015.

Most of us did not hold out much hope for more than this. But it would have been nice to see support for the Inner Sydney Regional Bicycle Network. We really need that and there is a benifit to cost ratio of nearly $4.



D@mn it! What hope do human cyclists have if the poultry are getting paths to cycle on before us? ;-)

We have a DH track in the mountains called the "chicken run"

That's a very high quality submission  BikeSydney.

Some of the photos selected make a very strong point.

There is a Cycling Strategy which is under development and should be released in the middle of 2013, so I expect that the "meaty" details will come out then.  

There are some good sentiments in the Master Plan around creating safe bicycle networks within 5 km catchments of urban centres.  This appeals to the transportational cyclist in me and should improve conditions for the vast majority of people who find cycling too dangerous at the moment.  It is not about building huge, shiny motorway-style cycleways, but about creating legible, safe networks.  Sounds sensible to me.

Of course, a lot of it comes down to funding and making sure all the Government agencies and the community are on the same page so that things get built!  This is the challenge...

I hear you.  They can find the will to do it when it comes to a motorway, why not a cycleway?

Given two choices though:

A)  Plan a 40 million dollar bicycle freeway that requires huge support from a bunch of NIMBYs, 3 local councils, TfNSW, RMS etc and never gets funded because it consumes the whole NSW bicycle budget; or

B) Implement 40 million dollars of local projects such as bicycle boulevades, separated cycleways that fill missing links and connections to urban centres across the whole of NSW.

I'd prefer B.

European figures on external costs

I'm wondering whether this position will gain support for change in the EU. If motorists were more equitably taxed then there would be a grand or so per motorist of extra tax collected- heaps for funding cycleways therefore.

Great work on the submission BTW!

Do they really plan to exclude cycling from George St?

While taking the Randwick trams close to Central is desirable the route via Devonshire St looks to be a weak bit in the plan. From the Devonshire / Bouke St intersection (what about the cycleway, will there be a level crossing?) the tram route looks like it passes through an entire block (length wise) of houses and I assume this is where the track becomes elevated to pass over South Dowling street and decends agian into the park. This route requires 4 right angle bends between Anzac and George where the tram will be slowest

Would have be better to use the "old" route via Flinders, Oxford & Liverpool with one right angle bend at George. There would then be the future option to continue the line along Oxford towards Bondi

Second best might have been via Cleveland & Charmers Sts which eliminates the bridge and as Charmers is slated as the interchange for the trains. This route would also maximise the population close to the route rather than having a lot of it going over parklands.

The George St line would be better to continue to Railway Square to a bus interchange for routes along Broadway and with future option for trams along Broadway.

But then what do I know?

There will NOT be a flyover at Devonshire and Bourke; the plan is for the big block of flats to be demolished!

Maybe if we,re lucky they,ll build a cycle way next to the tram line there.

But I agree, the Devonshire route seems ludicrous!


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