Finally a decent commitment to Bicycle infrastructure

This is the outcome of longterm efforts by a lot of cycling advocates, mostly amalgamated under We Ride.

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I disagree Andrew. I think it is just pro-level cynicism.

Of course I'm cynical about any announcements relating to cycling infrastructure for I (used to) ride a bike in Sydney.

BTW, I love the new ramp they built to replace the steps on the SHB. Though to be fair, I think everyone that is or has ever been in government has promised that one.

Now there's some pro-level cynicism. (edit: just to reinforce my cynicism, for I am on a role:

I'm sorry you don't ride a bike Peter. We are just trying to fix it for you so that you can.

It's not that I don't ride anymore. It is that I'm not in Sydney anymore. Plus it is all good. I personally never had an issue with riding on the road, it is just the promises of the politicians that I had issue with.

I think the cynicism is well placed.  We have gone from a model of getting hardly any funding to a model where projects are announced, usually along with something else such as a motorway and then cancelled

Fail to understand why this is anything like a federal responsibility.

"Hospitals and schools" - same.

How about the feds (of both pursuasions) concentrate on the jobs they are supposed to be doing, instead?

Feds can get involved in cities. Infrastructure Australia was persuaded by Labor (I think) to include bicycle projects in its priority list of projects for funding, after they go through a detailed design and cost benefit process. Example was the ISRBN, the Inner Sydney Regional Bike Network, drawn up by AECOM for City of Sydney. It needed the detailed design done before it could get approval for federal funding. No one seems to have taken up the challenge. Its now I think been changed to “Active Transport Access Plan” for the CBD but’s it’s still in the list.

But it does show the Fed can and does get involved in State responsibilities through IA, and other programs like Better Cities. Problem is that the Feds and States have been ignoring projects in the IA list and would rather pork barrel. Albanese’s fund is at least so vague it couldn’t be called pork barrelling.

westconn got $1.5b from the feds, plus a cheap $2b loan. 

Just for fun try this link I found

Just to remind people of the Australian Constitution.

Section 51 lays out the responsibilities of the Federal Government.

It doesn't mention Hospitals, Schools, or Roads (nor bicycle lanes :)

Think about why both sides of politics spend so much time (and taxpayers $$) on these hot-button issues -- when they're not even supposed to be involved -- and whether having a non-competitive single-government country is a good thing or not.

Under section 96 of that same constitution, the feds can get involved in funding pretty much anything they like, wherever the notional responsibility of the states lies, and, being politicians who like giving away other people's money, they do. There's nothing necessarily wrong with them getting involved if there is no corruption, and if the cause is good – particularly as state governments are now composed mostly of third-raters like Duncan Gay and his ilk. Cycling is a good cause, but it needs all the help it can get, from any source it can get it, so knickers to s.51 and states' rights if they stand in the way of more money for it. Sure the constitution causes funding chaos (exhibit A, schools; exhibit B, hospitals and health), but Australia's education and health systems are not crippled by the chaos. Eventually common sense should prevail so section 51 is amended radically, or the states abolished, but that will probably take a century or more. Till then, we have to use the system that's in front of us to our advantage as far as we can. Everyone else does.

That is a good point Duncan. Perhaps the answer is that like roads, there's federally funded, state funded and council funded

Noel, do you know if Labor going to reinstate the Australian Bicycle Council if they get in? They were promising ongoing funding just before the Libs disbanded the ABC.

Was that taken over in 2018 by Cycling & Walking Australia & NZ?


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