Finally a decent commitment to Bicycle infrastructure

This is the outcome of longterm efforts by a lot of cycling advocates, mostly amalgamated under We Ride.

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Yes, I guess it’s a completely new approach. The National Cycling Strategy seems to have disappeared. ABC website with all its resources no longer being maintained. CWANZ is supposed to be ensuring that States keep up to the mark on providing for cycling, but will it?

I enquired from CWANZ about the NBS

<quote>Thanks for your email. The National Cycling Strategy has not been updated since the 2011-2016 version, although it’s overarching principles, particularly around safety, planning and infrastructure, still guide the approach to cycling across the country. The states and territories all have their own cycling strategies, as do many local governments, tailored to their individual needs. The states and territories work together through CWANZ to share knowledge and ensure there is harmonisation and relative consistency with regards to cycling.


Sam Bolton.
Sam Bolton
Executive Officer Cycling Walking Australia and New Zealand | Integrated Transport Planning | Department of Transport
140 William Street, Perth WA 6000


Obviousy was too hard to get State Ministers like  Dunc Gay to agree to do anything, but if they had have waited until Pavey, er no, or Constance, er, jury out, maybe they should have persisted with the NBS. Albo has made some funds available too.

In regards to charging the car from the rooftop solar, it is possible according to this article. How much rooftop solar does it take to cover your daily EV recharging?

It seems to be that the best current solution is to leave your car at home charging while you ride your bike to work :) 

Then you use the stored energy during the evening to avoid peak  electricity charges, and repeat. Car stays in garage permanently. 

Looks like car batteries will be used for grid smoothing and storage, both while in the car and after removal, as they will still be able to store power. There is even a term “carbitrage” for the buying and selling of power from car batteries.

btw, that link doesn’t work.

I guess the decent commitment is largely irrelevant now.

I hear that zero emission vehicles (including bikes) will be made illegal by the morrison govt to reward the Qld Coal industry for their assistance (actually I just made that up but have good precedent from the last 5 weeks), think I will seek refuge in NZ or europe if they will have me

Queenslanders kept in the dark because Newscorp owns all the papers. I reckon hardly any of them got both sides of the story. 


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