Interesting piece in the UK's Guardian newspaper. Apparently, there's never been a black rider in the tour's history.

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Did Major Taylor ever make it?
Non. He didn't use EPO or other PEDs either.
Thanks, I tried to find if he'd been to the Tour but he is generally just listed as having raced in Europe with no specifics.
Andrew Ritchie's biography of him (see wiki entry) is very interesting if you can find a copy.
it's the finding the copy bit that is hard! Be great to get one of the ones he wrote himself back in like '28
Wow thanks!
He was an amazing rider, I read about him in Greg Lemond's bicycling book. Would be great to see some more diversity in road racing. I find it hard to believe there's never been anyone other than a white European to enter the race.
What a great story. Good luck to them. I am amazed to hear that they are riding those Indian and Chinese bikes. They are VERY heavy.


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