For goodness' sake it's only JULY dammit!!!!!

Three swoops with all the good old beak clicking and wing cracking, or whatever the hell it is they do. No contact but then I was making speed.

If you're going up Battle Boulevard north from Spit Bridge, take the Edgecliffe Esplanade turn-off, don't go up Palmerston. There's one cranky bird up there.

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I encountered the famous Pine St. Manly magpie two weeks into August last year, so yours may not be quite so much the early bird as it seems.

And there is also the one that gets me on the S-bend near the golf club on Balgowlah Rd.


Time to go via Kenneth Rd soon :(.

Why? Do you get a better line of sight with your sniper rifle from Kenneth Rd?


I haven't met that one (yet).

Wouldn't Kenneth be more pleasant to ride anyway (wider and possibly less traffic)?

Here's one I prepared earlier:

I wonder how a rear-facing mirror would go? Give the f*&ker a fright as it comes in on final approach?


That's a really cool idea. How about popping off the outer shell of the helmet and gluing mirror tiles on the foam rather like the way mirror balls are made? 

Time to HTFU, Mr O' and KJ.

Harden up with body armour, starting at the top.

A time-trial helmet will not only protect your ears but, with the integral visor, also prevent attacks on the eyes.

As well as defence, it offers an offensive advantage (and not just because of how it looks). You can  poke the bird with the pointy bit at the back. That is, if it can catch you with the extra speed you will gain from the aero advantage.

A win-win, except for your bank balance.

An escalation in the human-magpie battle is the last thing we need. What makes you think their beak-hardening research unit won't just go into overtime? In fact there are magpie agents probably reading this post right now!

P.S. The guy on the right is Phil Southerland, CEO of Team Type 1. You can read all about how this guy, the youngest-ever diagnosed type 1 diabetic at the time (aged 7 months) who wasn't expected to live past his 25th birthday went on to establish a pro cycling team here.

(Disclaimer: yes, I am a little bit obsessed about TT1, yes I my employer happens to be their primary sponsor, and yes, I can't wait for October when they come out to race the Jayco Herald Sun Tour).

Maggies in July! Here we now have proof of climate change that even Alan Jones can "believe"


Pity they don't peck him....

But no!!  Could it be he runs a secret attack magpie training school?

Cycling backwards works


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