Condolences to the family and friends of the yet unknown victim.

The road shoulder looks wide. Interesting comments by the police inspector.

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This is very saddening.
I am a bit disappointed the cops didn't bother to fine the people yelling obscenities at them.
Rode through there later the same day.

It's very, very wide. You need to be doing something very, very stupid for it to be an issue

Would have liked to have seen coppers pull over those abusive idiots. Might make them take a look at themselves

I've heard that the killing of the cyclist in early February was considered to be deliberate and the driver has been charged with manslaughter. If it was deliberate, why isn't the charge "murder"?

Then there's the coroner's report on Mike Hall's death!  Don't get me started on that. 

Not a lawyer.

The difference is intent ("mens rea"). You would need to be able to prove the intent of the act was to kill the person, as opposed to just being careless.

Can't really say that I expected anything more from the coroner's report. Glad that the IPWR organisers didn't get hammered (seemingly)


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