Fitz's Challenge updated: Sunday 30 October 2016

This was singularly the hardest ride I've barely survived even with a DNF result.

That was in 2012, and so scarred me that I avoided it 2013, 

I know the ride is doodle to some of our hard hard core riders , some who do 255kms without much preparation, but I do happen to like my BBQs, cheese and related accompaniments.

Yes, it's more than 6 months away,

Yes, registrations haven't started. (Early bird on-line registration should open early July 2014) 

Yes it's going into winter months

Yes I'll be away for several weeks in the next couple of months.

However, I'm thinking I (need to) have a plan for 2014,  (not to repeat going to a bowling club for drinks the evening before is probably the best of these  plans, and not waiting till 22 Oct to ask people for survival tips is probably almost on par with that ) ... and so, here I am, stating my intention to pick up pieces of my psyche this year.

Who else has this event penciled in? 

EDIT :  This year above meaning 2014, Sunday 26 October when the post was started.

Updated the title to reflect 2016

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Who is going to this great event this year? Have a few riders decided to miss Canberra for the Bowral Classic instead?

I will be struggling up Fitz's, Rendevous Creek, Honeysuckle and Corin for again this year.

A few from DHBC will be along for the ride. And I think Paul is aiming to improve on his high placing in the Epic from 2015.

I'm riding down on Friday but not riding the event Ed. Doing both was going to be a bit much for me.

I'm doing the Epic.  I've put a 32 on the back this year so I reckon I'm set up nicely.

Is that a 32mm tyre or a 32T cog?

32 mm tyre not possible on my config.  Also not sure it would help on going up hills.  Would probably weigh more than me.  

32T cog, an upgrade from the 28T I was riding before.

Rob, that would be a very solid effort to do both.

Eleri, I found using a 32 last year to make a noticeable difference. Some DHBC members have said they are using Fitz's to assess where they are for L'Etape.

I reckon if you can't get up Fitz's, you're going to really struggle up that hill between Dalgety and Jindabyne.  

After years of listening to all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about this event, I'm finally going down to give it a look.

The 165km Classic on almost no training seems like the right place to start. 

They have a 50km event too you know.

You could still say you had "done Fitz's"

You'll romp it in, Mr O'.

Stories about it being hard are just soooo exaggerated.

just minimise your stop times, no second coffee cafe interludes.


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