Canada Bay Council has budgeted $1M for the first stage of the cycleway along Patterson / Gipps and Queens Rd. (Ref - Inner West Courier, 17.4.18, p 15)

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Hurrah. I ride that route every day, and it's nasty. Lots of close passes.

Is this to be a separated cycleway? Thx

Excellent news, this will help considerably with  what is a difficult place to navigate, except for the brave

If it is the typical narrow bi-di with ped timing at lights and no priority at other intersections then they can keep it. At the typical inflated costs for nsw, especially cycling, infrastructure then a million won't get them much beyond "planning".

It's going to be a "separated cycleway", according to the PRCUTPUAIP  (Parramatta Rd urban Transformation Project UAIP)

What is the Urban Amenity Improvement Program?

The Urban Amenity Improvement Program (UAIP) is a $198m Government package to fund early, tangible public domain improvements in the Corridor. ( ie sweeteners to stop everyone complaining)
Thirty-two (32) individual projects have been identified in partnership with the councils, to be funded under the UAIP and to stimulate urban transformation, making an early and tangible difference to the quality of life and physical appearance of the Corridor.
Greater Sydney Commission will administer and manage the UAIP through a tied-grant system with the councils, who will be responsible for delivering the projects.
The key amenity improvements realised from this government funding are in addition to the infrastructure in the Infrastructure Schedule and include:

11.9ha of new and upgraded open space and urban plazas

8km of new cycle paths including a new cycle connection along Johnstons Creek (Annandale) and a regional separated cycleway along Patterson Street, Gipps Street and Queens Road between Concord Road and Henley Marine Drive
(also for Albion St and Dot Lane in Leichhardt)

6.5km of streetscape improvements including new footpaths, street tree planting, street furniture, undergrounding services and lighting on Parramatta Road and surrounding streets
three new synthetic playing fields with roofs

two of the most significant missing links of the GreenWay walking and cycling link between Dulwich Hill (Cooks River) and the Bays Precinct. (Already announced-the underpasses of Parra Rd and Longport St)

How will the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Amenity Improvement Program be delivered and when?

Greater Sydney Commission will administer and manage the Urban Amenity Improvement Program through a tied-grant system with the councils, who will be responsible for delivering the projects.
Urban Amenity Improvement Program works could commence as soon as 2017. Timing will be aligned to future rezoning proposals and transport infrastructure delivery. Greater Sydney Commission will be establishing a more detailed funding and delivery program in the coming months.


Thx Bob.

Did anything commence in 2017?

The Gipps st work wont be much use if it spits the cyclist onto Concord Rd, and they need to navigate west using the existing road network. Good luck surviving Pomeroy St.

p95 lists some possible cycle improvements.

References a new bridge across the train line and new access to Powells Creek. That seems like a very good idea. 

OK, found it, p95 of the Transort Report.

So it seems the Regional  route to Parramatta will be from Anzac Bridge, Lilyfield Rd (or whatever comes out of the current rethink), Bay Run, Henley Marine Dr, Minnesota, Ingham, Fairlight, Queens Rd, Gipps, Patterson, Concord Rd, Princess St, Queen St, bridge over railway to George St, Powells Ck, through Mason Park to Underwood Rd, under Homebush Dr (have to negotiate the monster roundabout) into Olympic Park. Find your way across to Hill Rd.

Alternatively they could be thinking of it being the "cycleway on theM4 motorway" via George St to the on ramp at Powells Ck they mention below. It's only a shoulder as far as I know, not a cycleway. 

After Olympic Park there is nothing new that I can see, though there has been talk of a bridge across Duck River into Rosehill.

p95 of the Transport Report:

Proposed Strategic Cycle Links

 Queen Street - Parramatta Road - Cooper Street between Princess Avenue and Strathfield Rail Station.

 Homebush Bay Drive to Mason Park.  Mason Park from Underwood Road to Powell's Creek Reserve. 

Embellishments to the Bridge Road cycleway 

New link alongside the western side of Powells Creek, connecting through to George Street and Railway Lane 

New bridge link across the railway corridor from Queen Street, including a connection with the Powells Creek link above, providing access to the Queen Street / Gipps Street regional cycle link.

 New shared path link along Parramatta Road, connecting George Street and the cycleway on the M4. Motorway via new westbound motorway on-ramp at Powells Creek. 

New link on Sydney Street connecting to the eastbound cycleway on the M4 Motorway and Concord Road, providing connectivity with the Queen Street / Gipps Street Regional cycle link.

Queens Rd is nasty indeed - I've long since devised a backstreet route through that whole area to get between Drummoyne and Burwood. While that's quite a pleasant ride, there's something to be said sometimes for being able to take the shortest way - if they can get the engineering right, and it isn't just Dulux infrastructure (paint can be quite expensive, you know...), this would be welcome. 

Plans for the route from Concord Rd to Henley Marine in the Implementation Toolkit Appendix 2

Lots of bi-di. Tedious cycling, particularly where it is only 2.4 m wide.

There's mention of a cycleway that might be this one plus some others

Makeover for Parramatta Road corridor to finally get under way

"under Homebush Dr (have to negotiate the monster roundabout) into Olympic Park. Find your way across to Hill Rd.

FYI, There is already a path under HBR. It goes along Powells creek and under HBR at the bridge, basically opposite Powells Creek tennis courts if you want to satellite view it, also another access from other side of creek at Concord West, where the carpark is.

If they build what they are saying, it'll be heaps quicker for those coming from Parismatta, as opposed to going via Concord West rail tunnel, Nullawarra Ave, Concord, Lyons Rd West to get to Five Dock.

I'm very sceptical that they can safely solve Queens Rd, hopefully there are some ingenious solutions, as the only thing  can think of is removing all parking.

Going near that roundabout on a bike is a certain Darwin Award nomination.


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