Canada Bay Council has budgeted $1M for the first stage of the cycleway along Patterson / Gipps and Queens Rd. (Ref - Inner West Courier, 17.4.18, p 15)

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"ingenious solutions" and bicycle infrastructure are mutually exclusive in NSW so don't get your hopes up, for Queens Rd I confidently predict a minimal width unusable  bi-di with pedestrian (in all senses) traffic light timings for bicycles

The plan does involve removing some parking on Queens Gipps Rd. Where it doesnt it is mostly a 3 or 4 m shared path . May not be too bad. 

p 49 on

Bob i envy your optimism, must be acquired via a professional life finding the silver lining in the dark clouds. It is a strange old regional cycle route that has you jumping on and off the (shared) footpath multiple times. I also note that one of the started benefits of the works will be to prevent pedestrians & cyclists from crossing roads where it is not convenient for the motor vehicles. All in all it is pretty offensive that billions are spent on the motorway (soon to be private tollway) and a few crumbs on some new trees in parks, a few new footpaths and on balance the bulk of even these works are of more benifits to the motor vehicles rather than the humans.

The plan Is only a concept at this stage, so possibly a bit more width for cyclists could be squeezed, 3 m instead of 2.8, but it is only marginal improvement. Not sure if any other route would be better tho nicer around the golf course way. More could be done by reducing traffic on the route. Going on what the Dutch say, and what CoS sort of tries to do, cycleways go hand in hand with traffic reduction. Drivers coming off Concord Rd and heading to the City or points between should be encouraged to use Parramatta Rd. 

I mean, with things like this in the plan, how can if fail?

Details: New line marking and road paint to delineate cycle path

Pretty clear that these planners have no concept that cyclists might actually want to use their bicycles as transport rather than recreation, actually get from home to work etc in a reasonable time with some safety. We spend billions on these motorways so that motorists can save 5 minutes on their commute and this forms the justification for spending these billions but when it comes to cyclists all the infrastructure has the effect of increasing the journey time.

I especially liked...

"Create a legible public domain where pedestrian,cyclist and vehicle priorities are clear"

(pretty clear to me already ie motor vehicles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,......, pedestrians & cyclists 99

"Provide suitable barriers to contain pedestrians and cyclists and direct them to designated
crossings" also shows the priority

Regatta Rd (Parra Rd side) will be a worry. Lot of traffic turns left from Regatta into Gipps and right from Gipps into Regatta. It needs a peanut roundabout, and roundabouts are so friendly for cyclists (insert sarcasm emoticon)


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