Just curious to see what ratios folks on singlespeeds and fixies are using out there across the streets of Sydney.


I was using 42x14 (3:1) before coming here, which was fine coz London's pretty flat. I've picked up cheap SS that's 44x18 (2.4:1), but damn, if 44t isn't a killer chainring to push up >9% hills.


What's your ratio of choice around this town?

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When I was looking for a SS, I decided to go 50/34 12-26 for the reasons you mention, mostly due to Friday legs ;)


(I know it's not the answer you are looking for, but it is true).

49x20: 68 gear inches.  not that I ride fixed anymore...

I live out west now: had to abandon the fixed gear for a surly with racks and a triple chainring.  Anyhow, I'm too old to be a hipster these days...

Anyone wanna buy a sweet fixxie?

I run an SS on a 42X18 for long distance commuting across sydney. For general training down to waterfall and around centennial park I use a 42X16.

My choice is based on Phillip St up from the Quay.

Pick a ratio with which you can JUST do that, and most of Sydney will be fine.

Just looked at the gears on my bike, and reckon if I had to pick one it would be the 46x20, which is about 62 gear inches. That's an acceptable (but slowish) speed on the flat, and would get me up a lot of hills.

But I've never ridden a single-speed, so what would I know?

49-16  (82.9").  Yes there are hills, but they ain't that steep
When I had the custom primate, 50x16 was my optimum gearing for all over sydney- hills, ramps, bridges everything, but since losing it to a taxi door I'v been struggling to find a ratio above 70 gear inches thats comfortable on the replacement bike. I miss my old bike

interesting the diference riding position can make. (?)

your primates 50x16 according to sheldon (700cx25, 170) was 82.4inches.

presumably the crank length, wheel size and tyre size are the same or similar.


My specs,

allcity big block fixed - 71.4 inches (46*17,165, 700*25)(hurt after two days this week so I got back on the...)

casserole free - 59.4 inches (45*20,167.5, 700*25) which was much nicer for my tired old legs


 *edit - just tried changing crank lengths out of curiosity on the sheldon calculator - it made no difference - must only be relavant to the mysterious gain ratio*

While Sheldon Brown is technically correct, people tend to use what I'll call traditional inches based on a 27" wheel, even though 622*23 is smaller.

which means that only cog and chainwheel are used in the calculation?

which means that people claim a bigger gear than they actually have?

fancy that.



*I just gained over an inch :) hehe

Does it really matter? It just acts a reference point.


If we were really uptodate we would use metres rollout, rather than using a calculation that gives the equivalent of a penny farthing wheel


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