There's a protest about NSW transport in general happening on 17th Feb.

We're hoping to get a lot of cyclists along. As we all know, cycling has to be a big part of the solution. Sure we're not Amsterdam, but neither was London until they installed a large amount of bike lanes. Now in London may soon have more bikes entering the city than cars in peak hour. Imagine if we could do that in Sydney.

So please spread this message to your cycling friends, and hope to see you all stand up for cycling on the day.

If you've got one, bring a gas/dust mask.

The details:
FIX NSW Transport
17 February at 14:00–16:00
March or cycle it from Hyde Park north (Archibald Fountain) to Martin Place for speeches.

Facebook event: (please click Interested or Coming for updates)

and the other link:

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I feel like some kind of electronic protest would be better attended.

8:30am on a weekday get as many commuters as possible to email the Transport Minister. It might even operate as a kind of DOS (Denial of Service) attack if the email server struggles.

I know many commuters won't be catching PT in to city on a weekend for a 2pm protest - their PT might have track work or be delayed/cancelled anyway ;)

Otherwise wholeheartedly support and kudos for doing something - alas I will have to attend in spirit.


Maybe we could put up the transport minister's number for the next train chaos event :)

I think the best way to protest would to have a "drive to work day". Note that you might need to take the day off because you'll likely spend the entire day looking for a park.

Imagine if the protest was extended to cover the current state of public transport - everyone in their cars. Damn.

And you'd have to be rich to afford the parking fee.

The protest covers public transport, bikes, motorway madness etc, all things transport for NSW

Hi Edward

I shared this on Facebook with a cycling group I am involved in. This will give you some more coverage. I wish I could be there myself but being in the ACT I can only be there in spirit. I can't get over how fked up NSW is getting.

Thanks for the help Jonathan. The main event is :


I'll update the discussion

Bump! This protest is on in 2 weeks time. Speakers include Clover, a bunch of others, should be a lot of fun. 

Hope to see some of you there.

PS I'll bump this just once more before the actual date.

I posted it on Bike-Leichhardt Facebook group  page. 

Thanks Bob!

On tomorrow!

We will have 2 lanes of Macquarie Street closed for us. About 30 different protest groups are involved. 2 music groups. Should be good.

The media will be there, so fingers crossed cyclists are a big group.


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