Still feeling worn out after long rides, need food to keep going.

Bananas is the energy food but damn those talking bananas who don`t wanted to be eaten first. I thought that hallucinations had been playing with my minds of who to punch of which bananas to stop them talking so I need to eat it.

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Check out for real food that you can make yourself to keep you fuelled on long rides. Delicious, easy and free from that cardboardy taste prevalent in so much "energy" food

Oh god that fruitcake for athletes with no run, candied neon bits looks so damn yum. So much better looking than the dry muesli bar i take around:(. 

+1 Susan, changed my Audax riding to a gourmet journey, curry empanadas, rice cakes, egg and bacon. Both books are great and the skratch mix is also a winner.

Also worth a look are Clif Bars. They come in about a dozen flavours (not all are shown in the link) so...

- you can probably find at least a couple you like

- they taste surprisingly good

- are made with 70% organic ingredients (if that's your thing - but if nothing else it proves they contain real whole food, and the complete ingredient lists are shown in the T7 link)

- and cost about $2.30 a pop.

Although they're currently sold out, this three flavour variety pack is a good option, and even better value (<$1.50/bar).

They are more like a muesli bar in texture, so quite easy to eat (not cardboard or too chewy).

I suspect they tend to be relatively low GI so if you're after an instant energy hit then you're better off trying their gels or shot blocks (more like a soft gummy lolly kind of thing).

Also just one other comment, I note you say you're feeling worn out after the ride. I'd suggest trying to eat and drink more during the ride then. Force yourself to if you have to. About the worst feeling on the bike is not eating and then hitting the wall from a low (more colloquially known as "bonking").

And remember you dehydrate before you get thirsty. The old rough rule of thumb is be aiming to down at least a 750ml bidon per hour (which will vary from person to person and according to conditions). But if you make yourself measure how much you are or aren't drinking you'll end up not forgetting to consume it.

On longer rides consider topping up with ORS (sorry - oral rehydration salts such as Gastrolyte or Hydralyte) or other isotonic drinks either pre-made (e.g. Gatorade), or search the web for your recipes you can make yourself. The tabs are quite handy as you can throw them in your jersey to... simply add water... to when you're out and about.

I tend to make up ORS at a lower concentration than recommended, simply because you're drinking more than the 200ml they recommend and they don't always taste wonderful. 3 tabs in a 750ml bidon is about right for me, although technically the whole isotonic rehydration theory isn't adhered to, you're stilling getting the salts and sugars on board.

I'm a convert to Clif bars. My local Lane Cove health food shop stocks them.
I also like Bounce Balls, specially the almond one, but they aren't designed to fit into jersey pockets as tidily.

And for those with gluten and fructose intolerances/sensitivities ............ ?

look at the skratch cook books, I'm sure I saw a few recipes in them

Local long rides aren't a problem as i can bring stuff from home.  It's the month long tours that I do where you are reliant on what may be available in small towns/villages, and these food intolerances aren't a consideration in their population.

How long is long? How worn is worn?

INSN (I'm no stinkin' nutritionist), but as I understand it your body gets energy from, in order and also in order of efficiency...

1) Sugar in your blood

2) Glycogen in your liver

3) Fat

You have ~2 hours of glycogen, once that is gone you start burning fat. Glycogen takes a while to build up again and that is not going to happen while exercising. When you burn fat you bonk and/or start feeling like shit (yeah yeah maffetone - if you are asking questions, you are probably not doing maff). So, you need to eat carbs to keep your blood sugar up so you use that in preference to glycogen/fat. This also depends on intensity a bit as well - I can easily do a century at endurance speed (~25-27km/h) drinking only water, but will probably bonk after ~30km at race speed (~34km/h at West Head).

Yes, high GI is usually seen as bad and it is if you are only doing remote control curls, but for endurance exercise it is good. Eat for the ride/run as a friend said to me.

FWIW, for anything under ~100km I just take water and maybe some gels if I am going to be riding with people faster than me (the old regroup at the top of the hill thing). For distances over that, I normally have a banana per 100km, dried fruit whenever (usually dates and apricots) and maybe some gels for a few minutes before climbs. If I am riding 200km or more, I'll take gatoraid powder and have one bottle of 1/2 strength (IIRC) gatoraid and one water. Consumption depends on temperature/humidity. I'll sometimes have a gel before proper climbs (e.g. a gorge). Depends on what speed I am riding at. At checkpoints on audax rides I'll usually have a chocolate milk (or other flavour if no chocolate) or milkshake and maybe a cake/pastry depending on how I feel. On rides > 200km I'll usually have a proper meal ~200km mark.

I have been told by my PT to avoid nuts when exercising because... something something insulin... they stop sugar doing its thing.... something like that (INSN).

When I get home I'll have a protein shake. Protein helps build and repair muscles, but will be turned into carbs if you need them (i.e. your burning glycogen or fat). Protein bars are useless during a ride, they are in no way shape or form a substitute for carbs (I have experienced this first hand, and what a stupid idea that was).

my drink of choice on any ride over 2 hours:

900mL water

100mL fruit juice of choice

2 tbs caster sugar

1/4 tsp sea salt

tastes good, a lot less expensive than skratch powder or any other powder and can be made up at practically any grocery  store in any town.

Cooler weather when drinking a little less i might up the sugar by a tablespoon.

You need sugar to keep the fat burning process going according to Maff

BTW, that gives about 80 calories per 500mL.

I try to take in 300 calories per hour so munch on whatever I have made/bought to make that up. No gels. Audax checkpoints, whatever attracts my attention.


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