For the next time your "friends" tell you cycling is too dangerous !!

Five-year study [published in the British Medical Journal] of 250,000 UK commuters showed regular cycling* cut the risk of death from any cause by 41%, the incidence of cancer by 45% and heart disease by 46%. (study compared people who had an "active" commute with those who were mostly stationary)

* average cycling of only 50kms per week, "but the further they cycled the greater the health boon" (no need to be so smug you 200-300km per week riders)

"This is really clear evidence that people who commute in an active way, particularly by cycling, were at lower risk,"

No wonder car drivers get so many additional benefits, we have to look after them during their short, uneventful, boring lives.

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Yeah but that is in the UK, where cycling is being actively encouraged with it seems a real attempt to shift away from the anti-cycling paradigm, not here where the NSW govt is actively seeking to destroy cycle commuting and make it less safe. I guess the UK doesn't have the $319 MHL fine which from what I've heard - usually in froth laden rants - makes us all safer.

In USA, want to feel healthy riding when they coal rolling you.  From

It's OK! It's some of Malcolm Trumble's clean coal.

Great bit of info.
Going to the gym is such a chore.
Riding is so much better for your body and for your mind!


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