I don't know Jen personally, but her story has a positive vibe for cycling and not letting circumstances stopping you achieve your goals, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Maybe you know someone who could offer sponsorship or be a riding partner for her ride around the Australian coastline.

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Mark, I love stories about tandems but I can't get the second page of that to be readable. I get a message saying there are errors. Can you repost, please?

Hey, there's riding tandems and there's madness! That was in the latter category.

I urge all to regularly visit the the Salsa site for some great stories. Anyone who has been following the Tour Divide races know what machines both Caroline and Refsnider are.

Tandem thought: if a tandem team is caught thru a red lantern, can they pin fine/points upon neither driver?

Assuming both can see of course.

Terrific story and terrific project :-)


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