I have a couple of 26 x 2.1 knobbly mountain bike tyres and old steel MTB frame and rigid fork. I think it's a Cyctec. It has a Centennial Park Cycles sticker on it.

I'm in Stanmore. I want someone to take the lot by the end of the week or I'll take it to Tempe tip.

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There's a little bit of rust in the frame, but it seems OK. It has a triple chain ring and crank attached.
If no one takes it, drop it to MTC at Canterbury where they can use the frame to make a wheelchair out of it. If the frames is ok, the can also refurbish it to put back into the community for use again. They also offer a pick up service. If you need more info, let me know.

But the Deus Swap Meet is only two weeks away: http://www.deus.com.au/wp-content/features/swapmeet2/
on Sunday 15 March from 8am, in Camperdown.
I just want to get rid of them
How much for the spoke card?
does it come with street cred ?
If you want to give it away, place it out the front of your house with a sign that says "For sale $5". As it now has value, someone will take it.


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