Bicentennial Park Courts
64 Victoria Ave, Concord West NSW 2138

Helmet choice ride

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Do we know if police permission was sought? I'm not keen on deviating funds that can be used for much better uses into their coffers

Highly unlikely permission sought. This is going to be monthly going forward.

It is helmet optional so feel free to wear a helmet. Hoping to make it and I will have my plastic hat on. Those fines!

I might have one or both kids with me as well.


So the ride is optional in the same way every bicycle ride is helmet optional? ie the only real option is to wear a plastic hat as the other option is against the law and very expensive?

Forty years next year of consistent active cycling and the only times I have ever had my ride questioned was by the HWP police. They are bastards. Never fined though as they were simple excursions from their absolute rule of law. Do something worthwhile with all those resources. PLEASE.


In the seven months to September, 3171 fines were issued to cyclists for not donning a helmet. While figures for the same period a year earlier have not been provided, 5154 fines were imposed on cyclists for the same offence in the 12 months to June 2016, and 4893 from July 2014 to June 2015.


Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander John Hartley said police would continue to do whatever was needed to help keep the roads safe for everyone.

I try to stay away from the HWP - several times they've given me the evil eye as they pull into the McDonalds on Military Rd. I no longer risk the ludicrous helmet fine - just the footpath fine. I assume I only avoided their wrath as I ride on the opposite side of the road from McDonalds and it is just too difficult for them to bother. Or maybe the allure of sugar filled junk food trumps their antipathy towards me. I've been pinged with helmet fines in other Australian cities and it pisses me off that I can't just ride a bike normally like I can most everywhere else in the world.

They get free burgers

ID optional as well obviously.


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