Apologies if this is a regular topic, I'm new to the board and I've had a search, but came across lots of threads which didn't seem to specific.  

I'm new to Sydney and I'm keen to cycle my commute to work in the CBD from Freshwater. I've not found a lot of information online in regards to this particular commute but my (albeit limited) experience of cycling in Sydney so far has been that it's not a particularly cyclist friendly area. Can anyone give me any pointers on the route? Or is it one left best alone?



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This is a strava commute I did awhile ago to go for a swim at Freshie from the city.

Mostly back roads and paths.

Strava commute to freshwater

although in hindsight I would go up and down Parriwi at the Spit

Great, thanks Paul! it was the whole Military road piece that I was unsure about, great to see that can be avoided.

Jeff, I commute once or twice a week Lane Cove - Brookvale and use most of Paul Jacksons route.

Definitely you don't need to go on Military Road.

I find the back way through from Cremorne to Seaforth to be quiet, safe, even scenic!


Here's my version - the middle is the same. Adapt your start and finish to suit.

Parriwi is best way up from the Spit Bridge.

At the top, you could then continue along the shared path (don't cross Military Rd) for a couple of blocks before taking a left down Stanton Rd, right onto Moruben, right onto Mandalong, left onto Military Rd (Mosman section), then right onto Belmont at Mosman High. There's then an easy back route to the Harbour Bridge via Rangers Rd, Murdoch St, Bannerman St etc through to Kirribilli.

I find this side of the main road a bit less hilly than the Northern route!

It's a great ride and there are plenty of cyclists around. Good fun!

(Admission: I only go from Queenscliff to Neutral Bay but this is the route I take when continuing to the CBD from work)

(Further Admission: I usually just zip down Manly Rd from Manly/Seaforth junction. And I often just take Military Rd from Parriwi if it's quite early and not too busy. The worst section is from Parriwi to Spit Junction but you can avoid this via Stanton then re-join at Spit Junction and zoom along as far as you like. Before about 7.30am it's pretty quiet, but it does take a bit of getting used to and I only did it after commuting for a while).

Awesome, thanks for the info Jonathan. I scoped out the route in your first post and that looks like the go for me to start with. Been a couple years since I've ridden during commuter times so not quite ready to tackle Military road and Sydney drivers just yet. I've been surprised by the lack of awareness I've had from drivers here whilst on a casual Sunday ride, so bit apprehensive for rush hour riding!

Here is a version I just knocked up for someone who requested it through the City of Sydney's new route finding service (though they only wanted to go as far as North Sydney): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13912177


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