I am thinking of buying a GPS and want to know if anyone out there has a Garmin Edge 705 or an eTrex Hcx.
The Edge 705 is specifically for bicycles and can be set up for cadence as well as heart rate.
The Edge is over $200 more than the eTrex and I am not sure what mapping features it has.

My husband is planning on buying me one for my birthday which is on Australia Day so any replies before then are appreciated.

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Edge has to be charged and has limited run time, both of which may pose a problem for hard core touring. Whereas eTrex HCx uses AA batteries that can be more easily obtained and carried. eTrex is also good as a general GPS for bushwalking etc when you are off the bike.
I've been using one for a year or so. I only really use it on trips though. I carry a laptop and it downloads onto that and gets charged by the same cable.

The altitude and the daily accumulated climb are good for me. I still use my (cable) basic Sigma cycle computer so I tend not to rely on the Edge for speed and distance. It has true North on it which is good, although I also have a compass on the bars.

The best thing is, at the end of the day, to turn on the laptop, plug in the GPS (and the laptop recharger), and the download happens in a minute. Then you see, whereever you are in the world, your day's route in precision. You also get a graph of the ups and downs.

It does take a few hours to charge. I have never had a day so long that it went flat but I think there is not enough in it for two days.

It is light and, if you carry a laptop, it is a great thing to have. They are also good for training I am told. I have the cadence part of it too but really don't care too much as I am not racing. I don't use mine in Sydney as I already know the routes and the altitudes. Hope this helps and happy birthday.

A bit of an update here requested... what's best for cycle touring these days?

I care not for strava, do want water resistance and bar mounting but most of all want maps that work away from roads that cars use.

We ended up buying an eTrex and it has worked well. Used it last year in France and were able to get free maps with cycle paths in them. Uses 2 AA batteries  which last for days (we use rechargeable)and you don't need to have mobile phone access.

thx heaps

France, eh?

Sounds like someone has a few stories to share...?

We have a blog :-) http://lvf2014.blogspot.com

good one too

Don`t know of best cycle touring gps.

Have a look in Garmin Touring Plus or google it. From Rainmaker.

also thank you

I have read a number of reviews and people are very polarised on the etrex and touring plus. All the reviews are either five out of five stars or one star, very little in between. Some complaining that they are hard to use and that you have to pay for the maps once you get the gadgets. Others say they are really easy to use and the moment you turn them on the maps appear. I am very confused.

Are these gadgets easy to use and do you have to buy the maps as extra?

excellent point, this is my greatest concern. was happy to read that Catriona got free maps in France


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