I am thinking of buying a GPS and want to know if anyone out there has a Garmin Edge 705 or an eTrex Hcx.
The Edge 705 is specifically for bicycles and can be set up for cadence as well as heart rate.
The Edge is over $200 more than the eTrex and I am not sure what mapping features it has.

My husband is planning on buying me one for my birthday which is on Australia Day so any replies before then are appreciated.

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I have a wife and son who have got lost with a map in a grid pattern city. I have two daughters who can easily do the map thing. Hard to see it as a sex thing, it  appears instead that some people can easily visualise themselves on the map (typically those odd people who like graphs) while others can learn but often struggle but are often good with verbal directions hence the popularity iphone and GPSs.

taking a bit more time may

the wikipedia on spacial visualisation ability suggests that it might, also offers references to recent research. In 2013 a study seems to have said that gender differences reported in earlier studies come down to expectation (adaptation)

You could solve all of the battery issues by using a dynamo hub to charge the GPS. You'd need a cache battery system, but easily achieved. Together with dynamo lights, you need never be without a working GPS or lights front and rear, without having to carry AA batteries.

I have the Garmin Touring - they also sell the Touring Plus, which adds things such as HR support via ANT+, but for the purposes of navigation the two are identical.

- Battery life: longest ride I've done with it was about 12-1/2 hours - battery was down to about 25% at the end of that ride. For shorter rides I normally charge it twice a week.
- Maps: it uses OpenStreetMap format, so any additional maps you need can be downloaded for free. DCRainMaker has instructions on how to do this at http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/05/download-garmin-705800810.html. The instructions are for the 700/800 series but work equally well for the Touring.
- Turn-by-turn navigation: from my experience this works pretty well. I create my routes using RideWithGPS - you can also create them through Garmin Connect.


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