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Is anyone thinking of riding around the Garage Sales?  I'd be interested but wondered if anyone else has any cool plans? 

I have capacity (see pic, although that's Patrick...I'm Jo)

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fit bastard   ^

Yep, look intersting. Surry Hills and Bondi seem to be the areas with most sales.

I'll be heading to Surry Hills on the same bike as Paddy has, but it'll be mostly filled with two kids, so not much room for shopping. Maybe the kids'll have to get out and walk if we find something interesting.

Going to Tennis lessons this morning , I saw no less than three garage sales from my place to Coogee (bottom of brook st).

 you wont have to ride far .. but you are gonna have to get up early to beat the pros

from the photo it looks like his pushing a shopping trolley with left had as well... trick of perspective. great effort specially in thongs.


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