So my trusty Polar 610i has been diagnosed with a cracked case, probably as a result of having to calibrate and condense all those massive heartbeats I've been sending its way for the past six years or so. (As was established in a blog post below, NeilA's Polar is older, but then so's his heart.)


The equivalent latest model is the RS400 which goes for $250 or so. However, recent blog posts from the Fitz Epic showing all those lovely Garmin readings, wherein you can accurately measure just how big the hill was that nearly gave you a heart attack, got me thinking of a Christmas self-present. Think how much faster one will race home to download the data!


At the moment I've got an Echowell speed and cadence monitor vying for space with a light and the Polar monitor. A combined goo-gaw would free up valuable handlebar real estate. 


So I'm looking at the Garmin 500, a steal at $299 but then I note you've got to buy a speed/cadence sensor for about $69, and then there's mention of "combined with a heart rate monitor" so it would appear I'll be in the hole for another $69 for that. Real estate is getting more expensive..


Any advice, tech nerds out there? Are there any other players in the market? And if I do buy the Garmin, is that the make that gives annoying bleeps every time one stops or sets off, and if so can I get it to not do that cos it'll drive me bonkers ...




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HA! I’m in that same club with you Mr. O. More kms online than on road lately.

I start logging when I leave home and stop logging when I reach my destination. No peeking in between times!

If I had a handlebar mounted gadget I think I'd spend waaaaaay to much time looking at it and not at the road.



John K

For really good in depth reviews on Garmins, Polar and just about every other tech thing you could ever want or need for cycling just go to if he doesn't rate it then don't buy it.

I remember reading his reviews on the Garmin 800 - he was the chap with all the details then.

I should have checked back, I didn't know he did swim watches too, or there was an alternative to the Swim Mate Pro.


But he didn't review any of the Bryton range eg:

The only reference on his site is Item 3 on


I use the Garmin 310XT. Its been great. My only criticism is that when I have been trying to measure my commute ride which start in the city, it fails to detect the satellites. While expensive (bought largely funded as a leaving present so got finance committee approval easier) it was because I was doing some of the lower distance Audax rides which on any given day can be over 10hrs thus I needed the longer battery life. If I started doing the proper audax distances then I would prolly not bother!!!


Plus I think I got sucked in by the website name (I could have been a contender)


Oooh they've got the red and black go-faster colour scheme!


Red and black fan - I knew you'd come to your senses one day.


What I really want is a yellow one, to match my bike, helmet, socks, preferred jersey etc.

I think blue and white will have to be the go, eh SUS?

Red and black fan - I knew you'd come to your senses one day.

That bear lost its fangs looooong ago.

Looks like it's about to vomit. Don't blame it.

Keep the Red, all you need is Black….

hey is Brad Thorn going around for the next RWC or did has he "polled the pun" ?



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