So the clutch in my 7 year old Gazelle e-bike (innergy orange XT) cannot be fixed / replaced. So the whole motor is toast.

To fix it would mean a new motor and front wheel, costing $1,000

So should I fix it?  Or should I buy a new bike? Note the budget for a new e-bike won't be much more than the $1,000 cost,, so it will necessarily be something much more entry level. But the technology has moved on in 7 years, so...

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Sounds like you've answered your own question.

The question then becomes, what do you do with the old one?

Can it be traded-in? Used for spare parts? Onsold to someone else willing to fix it? Melted down and sold for scrap?

The other question to ask is how old is the battery on your current ebike? If it is original then it definitely time for a new bike.

Yes, it's original. Although I was still getting at least 30km out of it, which is enough for most practical purposes.

The shop have offered me $250 for the old bike, so they can cannabalise it for parts, plus 15% off a range of new models (mostly the more premium ones). So I am thinking about that too.

The galling part is the bike has only done about 1500km. Given it cost about $3,000, that's about $2 per km, which feels pretty poor value...

Yes, I have to wonder if wider fit-for-Purpose rules above and beyond Basic warranty might be applied.

It is also a bit dodgy that a repair isn't offered. Can you imagine being told you cannot have a car Clutch replaced? It is absurd. It may be that the Motor OEM can do better than your bike shop.

Without knowing your situation maybe you can go a non assisted bike? 1500km in 7 yrs is pretty low.

I've done just about 4200km on my ebike and it's coming up to 2 years this April.

I have an old front wheel motor and lithium bottle battery you can have and fit on a pushy if you want,

Thanks. I bought the bike for Mrs Dan, but she never really rode. it. I used to ride it sometimes when an e-bike was useful, eg going to meetings in a suit.

I do probably 8K a year on my fixie...!


When I helped my (now late) father buy his last car in 2006, we spent almost $30,000 on a Holden Astra. (His idea.) 

I was the only driver because Dad had relinquished his licence at age 93 after crashing his old car. The Astra was only ever used to drive him and Mum to the shops, and medical appointments, and back, plus my nearly annual trips to Bright for the AAC.

When it was sold in 2016, for a mere $4k including 12-months rego, it had fewer than 30,000 km on the clock. In 10 years.

Based on the purchase price and running costs over that time, I calculated each kilometre also cost close to $2.

Unfortunately, an electric bike wouldn't have done that job.

In some ways a car that is hardly driven is a good car.

anyone want a Renault Clio, 2004, 50,000 km? 

Raj Vittal ??

Thanks @Scientia, No Budget for cars on cards!


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